Me like statssss....

Since everyone's doing it, I decided to put off my fun 30 question challenge yet again and do a review for this year. :) This year has been insane, but in it, I've accomplished a ton. It's hard to believe that soon, I'll have had Red for 2 years. Whaaaa?? And I've had this blog for the same amount of time. How crazy is that??? For awhile, my blog sat as more of a journal where I talked about what I fed, how many times and what Red needed that day, and since then, I've made those posts private and really started the blog. I really started getting views in mid 2013, and I kind of use that as the marking point of the true start of my blog.


Pageviews for All-Time: 28,076
Pageviews for last month: 2,991
Most pageviews in one day, for December: 205 (December 9th)

Total posts:

Of course, I'll add to this throughout December, but so far, the blog has 505 posts, including the private ones. 


I have received 1,461 lovely comments, not including my replies back. This is probably the most surreal and crazy part, I thank all of y'all for leaving the comments! They brighten up my day a lot.

My Best Posts of 2013:

These are just my personal favorites. :)

 When we hit the 1 year mark. 

SWOTS of the Summer. 

Not horse related, but VERY special nonetheless and one of my most viewed posts with over 600 views, when we adopted my little brother. 

My goals for the future. 

Most-Viewed Posts of 2013:

A Q&A 

My Rant. 

The Helmet Topic. 

A Shout-Out 

Bit vs. Hackamore 

Achievements of 2013:

 In 2013, Red and I have come a long way. From the beginning of 2013.... 

This was as fast as Red would go. Just sayin'.
My feet are awful in this but yeah, at least he'll MOVE now.
Ewww on my EQ...
Still. Ewww on my EQ, but Red looks way better.
 This year, we've mastered the trot, we've cantered and galloped, we've mostly gotten the sweet itch thing down, I've ridden bridleless, tackless, ridden in a parade, gone on other trails, ridden English, started roping training and more. This year, I've decided what my goals should be and I've settled with a few. I'm excited to see how everything changes and goes in 2014! Here's to another great year!