SWOTS of the Summer. ;)

Stole this from Viva Carlos and She Moved to Texas. :)

I'm in the process of training, well, kinda retraining/refreshing Red's mind. Since what I want to do is Ranch/Western pleasure, I need to get him to follow  my orders quicker. Right now, I'm actually starting kinda weirdly. With what, you ask? Spinning. Yeah, like reining spins. I'm kinda in a "I don't know" point in my hopes for my showing future and honestly, I feel like Red has SO much potential as so many things. Trail obstacles. Ranch Pleasure. Western Pleasure. I feel like he could do alright in a little bit of mediocre reining eventually. It's up to me right now. The other day I took him in the round pen and worked on it a little. Tapped my outside rein and foot and he followed through clumsily, but we did it. There's lots of work to do, but he's already trying to listen and do it for me. I was so excited about this Summer for training and I feel like I've gotten NOTHING done at all. Sure I've ridden, but they've been more rushed-still nice-trail rides. I need to go one day, take him in the round pen, and work on whatever I decide to do. Until then, I'm going to kind of reevaluate my situation. :)

 Red is a sound horse. Physically and mentally.
He is willing.
My family and friends are supportive.
I have all of the needed tack, therefor I have to spend less money.
Money wise, we're in good shape. Obviously something could happen and we need more money, but we're ready as can be. 
Coming soon, I'll be able to ride more often and work more. 

 Starting a Reining Spin from Horse | EquiSearch
I don't have a trailer, and so far, my family doesn't want one. Makes showing or even thinking about it really hard.
Money for showing? Really tight. Too frivolous right now.  
I am not in tip-top shape. I need to get in shape. I'm out of breath after an hour of riding, and that's just walking.
Red's trot is rough, we need to work on it.
Red is stubborn. Doesn't follow cues thoroughly and quickly.
 Ponies. So much evil and stubborn-ness inside of so much cute.

Can ride other horses at barn, including Spirit who can help me out for the training I want to do.
Ability to go and work-out to get in better shape.
People at barn willing to help.
Red is always willing and he would be the perfect show horse as for bomb-proof-ness and physical ability.
 My mama and her horse, Spirit. :) So blessed to have a horse lovin' mom!!

No trailer.
As always, the soundness of horses. He's 100% perfect now but anything could ruin that!
Starting from scratch with my previous bucking horse.
 Getting those pretty black points again!
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  1. I love this post! Red sounds like such a nice horse.

  2. Here is a website that has REALLY good tips! http://www.downunderhorsemanship.com/blog/default.aspx This trainer is the best I've seen yet. Using his method to train my filly! Email me if you want some more info on him.

    1. I'll check that out!! Thanks, Ashley!
      If I have any questions I'll email you!