Name: Spirit:
Registered name: Don't think he's registered.

Age: 9
Breed: Appaloosa, we think he has Arab in him because his small hooves, personality, black eyeliner, his gait and the way he holds his tail up when he picks up speed. So probably an Araloosa.

We bought Spirit on 5/19/2013. We found his ad on Craigslist and after my mom pining for a horse of her own, she fell in love with this blue eyed Appaloosa. Spirit belongs to my wonderful mother, an Appaloosa lover. She grew up with several horses and loved them all, but the App's stick out in her mind. She owned several App's, but she talks about one the most. Beauty. Beauty was a black and white Appaloosa with a white snow blanket. She had a rat mane/tail and had modeled pink skin, but boy was she HUGE! Mom, like me, prefers bigger built horses.

She first saw Beauty at a horse show, some woman was riding her, taking her around barrels. My mom fell in love, and my Papaw bought Beauty. After that, they were inseparable. Her horses were pretty much ripped away, though, after bad financial difficulty and moving. It took her months to let herself get close to my horse, Red, and after that, she knew she wanted another. She opened up again, and soon began looking.

Here's where Spirit comes in. :)

I had posted several Appaloosa ad's on her facebook, but she never liked them. Sure, she thought they were pretty, nicely built or a good horse all around, but she never felt a spark. Until this dude! She studied the ad for DAYS and kept the phone in her hand, trying to decide if she wanted to call. Step-dad wasn't a problem-He had been wanting a third horse-counting our mini-and was all for it. So, she called. We set up a time to meet but rain ruined that, so we canceled. Mom was bummed. We called again, set up a time for Sunday, which was also rainy, but not as bad. After church, we ran home, ate, changed and called them to let them know we were on our way. They said another person was coming "any time" so we RUSHED to this place about 40 minutes away, we beat the people and got there faster, mom and I said hi to the horse, which we decided to rename "Spirit" because his current name, "Echo" didn't seem to fit him and mom didn't like it, and mom got to tack him up and ride for a couple minutes in the rain. He has a LOT more spirit than Redman, but that's good for mom because she likes a little more "umph" in her horses.

So we bought him!

Mom and her boy! She's making her famous, "Seriously, pictures Kalin?" face.
He was delivered to our barn on 5/22/2013 and he found friends quite quickly! Mom is in love, and he will have a forever home with us!


  1. He is a lovely boy, And I aslo adore Appaloosas, funny his blue eyes are darker ,ike my younf stallion Spirit is onlr the second horse I think I have seen with the darker blue and dark pigment around them!

    1. Thanks!!! Aren't they gorgeous?? I love the blue eyes!

  2. he's got a halfway decent mane and tail for an app, that's half the battle with them!

    1. His tail and forelock are really thick and nice! His mane was way shorter when we got him and now it's getting longer, woohoo!