{about me}

Hi there! I'm Kalin and I'm one of those crazy horse girls that never really got over them. I'm a teenager but I swear I was born in the wrong decade, because I pretty much dislike 99% of things about the one I'm living in. I live and ride on my farm in Tennessee and moved my horse's home from the best barn ever (other than my own, of course.) on September 30th 2014. This blog follows all of my horses, but mostly Red, my first horse and heart horse. I started riding in 2012 and along the way, I've been able to learn so much and develop my own riding style and hopes for my future with the horses. I'm a trail rider, a beginning roper and a lover of Natural Horsemanship. (Not Clinton Anderson and etc. Ew.) I created this blog first as a diary of sorts when I got Red and had to work a lot with him on health related things, but it slowly turned into a real blog. I'm excited to share my little journey with different people and prove to everyone that you don't need to be a rider since you were 5 years old or have the best trainer in the world to become a good, respectable rider.

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