1 year mark.

Red and I's "anniversary" is coming up quickly..the 4th of September. I feel like we've come a long way since them, but I still had other things I wanted to get down. I wanted, so badly, to be galloping by then, and I'm not even *cantering* much at all, and when we do, I want to stop him from being the victim of his rough gait. Mom, when she first cantered on him, said she doubted he'd be a good cantering horse at all and that I may want to stick with a trot, but I really don't want to have a horse that I just have to stick with one speed on. And I don't think I have one, it just takes practice..

Here are some things I think we've improved drastically on and achieved.
  • We've almost mastered the trot.
  • He isn't as barn sour, therefor he doesn't try and take off with me when we head home.
  • He's better when riding alone.
  • He doesn't keep his head SO. STINKING. LOW anymore and has a nice headset when riding.
  • His gait has improved just from adding muscle.
  • We've added muscle. To both of us.
  • We have all like new, amazing tack that fits us both perfectly. last year we had an old as the hills, low saddle-man was it uncomfortable-with too long stirrups, an old pad-which IS a good pad, though-and a rusty headstall. Now we have amazing stuff that fits our needs.
  • We've developed such an amazing bond!
  • His already great manners with farriers have improved.
  • He's less spooky.
  •  Our rides always seem to improve or stay the same, they are no longer getting worse and etc.
Here are things I want us to improve before the 2 year mark:
  • Master the trot/canter.
  • Begin galloping eventually
  • Work on lead changes and improve that.
  • Have sidepassing down-mostly at least!
  • Backing. Nuff said.
  • Add some back muscle to Red
  • Trot poles!
  •  He trips. CONSTANTLY. On the trails. Need to figure out how to fix that soon.
  • Find a way to ride more often and have a schedule. I don't have a phone-I feel five when saying that, lol-nor do I have a car, so I rely on other people taking me. Once I get a phone probably sometime in the next few months I can get someone to drop me off and just call whenever I'm done, which means I can work more often!
  • Work with a BIT and see how he does without a hack!
  • Work on spins.
  • Find someone with Ranch Pleasure experience to talk to that can give me some tips! ( I just joined a AQHA group on facebook, helped a lot!)
  • Find reining/ranch pleasure/western pleasure shows to attend so I can watch it in person and in action.
  • Find something for his skin that doesn't hurt him after two weeks. :P :P
The list is hefty..ugh. I really have a ton of hope for us though. Lol. Red is a good horse, I mean really good. He's solid, dependable, and even though, yes, horses can hurt themselves in five minutes, he's sound. He's the perfect horse for me-despite stubborness. I believe we can get there.


  1. Seems like you two have improved a lot this past year. Good job!

    Oh, by the way, maybe you should try doing some pole work with Red to stop him from tripping. They will kind of make him pick up his feet a little. Just a thought.

    1. Yep! Going to do trot poles to improve his gait, stop him from tripping and gain some back muscle.

    2. Thats great! I heard its good exercise for horse of all disciplines.

  2. Good to have lots of goals to work on!

  3. Make a plan and then work the plan as I always say. :)

    1. I agree! Goals are what have kept me going. Lol!

  4. Great list of goals! Stick with it and you guys will do great :-)

    1. Thanks for the confidence! I sure hope so! Funny, it's not that I feel like Red will hold me back but that I'll hold him back. lol!!

  5. I like how you listed everything out.. It's a great way to get it all down and come back and look at it later :)

    Oh and Happy Early 1 Year Anniv!

    1. Thanks! :) Lists are awesome, lists help me! :)) Without lists, I'd be so unorganized..Once I made a list-when I was like 4 :))-on "the reasons I should have a pony" and I completely think that's why I got Red. LOL

  6. Happy 1 year, and about Red tripping, I have some tips.

    1, maybe Red brushes or overreaches when he walks, or whatever. he might need boots.

    2, or he just drags his feet.

    well, I hope it helps! I hope you have a great 1 year aniversary!