Day 8 & 9

This week..ugh. So busy. Stopped by barn this morning to pick up clippers to clip Cowboy's mane and etc, picked up an old bridle and hack so I can sell the bridle and dye the hack's fleece cover. Planning on trying a snaffle out on Red next time I ride. Possibly going to ride today, not sure who I'll ride. Kinda hoping for Red but Spirit needs worked. Mom can ride now but doesn't feel super comfortable with it because she's still sore, taking it a day at the time. Trying to sell stuff because we're going to FL in September for about ten days for a wedding. Excited but not, no riding then! :P This month has stunk so far, no riding time at all whatsoever but it's really no ones fault..mom had surgery so I became the primary caregiver for the kiddos and Jeff has to work. Hoping to get back in the swing of things soon. :P
Day 8: Arena. This is a round pen but it's the closest to an arena we have.

Trying to sell a few things online to get some money for vacation, so we're so busy meeting people with the "Junk" haha. I'm suffering from no barn time :(
One more for day 8

I'm proud of myself for keeping up with this challenge, I gotta admit..

day 9: Fail photo. Best one I have, oddly. Hard to get pics of me riding when I'm the picture taker of the bunch!! My EQ just stinks.

Updates later. blah.