Selfies For Days

I am officially done with rain.

It's been raining since Sunday and it's causing a big muddy mess at the barn, then the day when it's supposed to stop, I'm most likely going to be delivering presents to some folks from my church who can't come to church anymore due to health, old age and etc. While part of me feels terrible for thinking, "Ugh, I need to ride." because I know it's a very good reason to miss a ride, I am just utterly done with bad weather. And my horse is getting chubby. And I feel like we'll lose all of our progress if we have another few weeks off.

Red says "Idk mom I'm cool with this whole no riding thing"

In other news, the horses have been great. They obviously don't mind not working and Red is still obsessed with the cat, who decided to stick around 90% of the time. I named it Downey (after Robert Downey Jr because he's my hero and I've talked to him and yay I'm still excited about that) and my mother named him Pharaoh. So right now he's being called Pharaoh Downey Jr by myself while mom says "Downey is a terrible name you obsessed weirdo"

stare down. Red just wants to cuddle. Downey just wants to run.

Right now, Red is being Downey's creepy overly attached girlfriend/creepy stalker while Downey wants absolutely no part of that huge brown creature.

So yes, my time nowadays is taken up by cats, children, and selfies with my horse.

Red enjoys shoving his head on my shoulder.



On the brightside, I may be trading one of the saddle pads that I never use (that cost me like $85 after I begged the guy for a discount because it was my birthday) for another saddle pad. Coincidentally, it's also like, my dream saddle pad that I've been wanting forever and ever and ever. She's coming out to check my pad out today and get one of our horse blankets, so I'm crossing my fingers that she falls in love with it so I can get hers. It's brown. It's striped. It's fancy. It's built to look like a saddle blanket but it's padded. I've always loved how put together western tack looks with this style of pad and I've been wanting to get some more neutral pads and reins for Red for when we don't want to look like a rainbow vomited on us....

I just love how this looks. Everything matches and has color but not too much, and it's classic and western.


  1. Downey, love it! Robert Downey Jr. is like awesome. :D You talked to him?!? Explain! :D :)

    1. We had a conversation about pizza on twitter, LOL. Turns out he likes carbonara!

  2. Ummm... yes we need more information about the RDJ conversation... Cute pad! Love it!

    1. Hahaha! It was the best thing to ever happen to me, LOL. He was doing a Q&A on twitter one night and I got online, next thing I knew he favorited my tweet then answered a question of mine and replied about 4 times and had a conversation about pizza, LOL.

  3. I like the colors of that blanket. I hope it works out so you can get it! I giggled about naming the cat Downey because all I could think of was downy laundry detergent hehe. I feel you on the weather. Our weather finally straightened up this weekend after a week of rain. I hope things dry up there soon too.