Hell Hath No Fury....like a Chestnut Mare?

Well, I have pretty big news.

To start things off....yesterday, my little nephew asked his mother when we got a new horse - she said that we hadn't, and reminded him that Shalom didn't live here anymore, but he lived in Heaven. She probably figured he was just missing Shalom, he loved him so much and was fascinated by him and his issues (He wants to be a vet, haha.) and then he said, but it looked just like Shalom! His mother told him it was just a dream, but he insisted that it looked really real and just like Shalom.

Then, on the drive home from church, I was reading ads on our Facebook group The Tack of The Town to make sure everyone was following rules, etc, and I noticed an ad without a location. I commented quickly to tell her to ad one, but then I actually read the ad more thoroughly and kind of fell in love. Deadbroke AQHA/APHA mare, sorrel with a blaze, no other markings, very calm, with great bloodlines. Also in my price range...I don't know why I did, but I asked for photos. Read the ad for my mother, she kind of got excited too, so I talked to this lady all throughout the day, and scheduled a time to go see the mare on Tuesday.

When I got a photo of her, finally, from their ride yesterday, I literally started crying and was in shock. This mare looks identical to Shalom. I won't post photos until she's actually mine, if we do get her, (99% sure she's going to be mine.) but it's almost to the point of being creepy...in a good way, of course. I showed the photo to all of my friends and they all thought it was Shalom. I mean seriously, her blaze is the exact same and she even has the dots on her nose, same markings, same face, same everything. She's just in a shorter body. And she's a mare, obviously.

here have some Red to break this post up.

 We called our old barn manager, A, after we found out and she's going to try to come along with us. We're hoping and praying that we can find someone to bring a trailer with us because we only have until this weekend to bring her home if we want the price reduction. She's already a good price but frankly, after everything with Shalom, we can't find it in us to pay that much. obviously she'll get all the care she needs (Vet bills, farrier fees, etc) when she's here, it's just the sticker price. Anyways, it's been an emotional time because it almost feels like Shalom is coming back, in the weirdest way. We are NOT trying to replace him in the slightest and it's so weird because I never look at ads like that or comment, and I definitely wasn't looking. This mare just seemed to find us and slip right in. So here's hoping that Tuesday goes good and I come home with a pretty chestnut mare...

Who hopefully has no fury...;) ;) :)


  1. I wonder if she is possibly related to Shalom?


  2. Mare are awesome <3 I hope she turns out to be the right fit. Too early to say I know, but maybe Shalom had to happen so that you'd be emotionally tugged to give her a chance (:

    1. I actually hadn't thought of it, that's a good point!