Not Really Wordless Wednesday

Well, the mare ended up not working out - we couldn't find anyone to haul her because she didn't have a new coggins and things just kept coming up to make it more difficult. We have been offered another mare, but I'm not sure about taking her. We may, we may not. We're not necessarily searching for another horse, but this one just popped up and seemed to be perfect, but I guess not. I'm pretty bummed about it but oh well, what's meant to be will happen.

On another note, Red has been seriously sweet in the last week. We did join up one more time after we lunged last time and he's totally back in the zone with liberty. Moving him kind of jostled things around a bit but he's finally into the new schedule and doing super well with it. He also seems to be a lot more content, even with just Spirit in the herd. Maybe he's enjoying the playtime more now that there's just one horse and he doesn't get too beat up. ;)

Nowadays, when I come to the gate and open it, I typically have this either behind the car or behind me. Most of the time I leave mom and the car and walk up with him because...how can you resist this face?

head low, ears relaxed.

These were really hard to take because he kept getting closer to me..closer...closer...until he was pressing into me ever so softly and I couldn't get a picture, lol.

This is week I don't even wanna think about how long it's been of no riding. The weather has been terrible (rain every day and cold) but even if it was nice and sunny, this whole week has been terrible and busy. And it's only Wednesday. But seriously in the last 2 weeks I've lost my mind somewhere. On the brightside, I get to feed him every day which allows cuddling time, grooming time, and maybe some lunging or groundwork each day. So our groundwork has been great and I've really seen improvement. Right now I'm getting him to kick the habit (no pun intended) of pawing when he see's his dinner. He only does it if he see's the feed pan, and he's not mean with it or anything, but I don't like pawing for various reasons and he's not allowed. ;) Pretty sure he learned that from Spirit.

I punish him, he decides to be cute and catch raindrops on his tongue. Because yes, he does that.

I've also discovered a new quirk of Red's - he enjoys sticking his tongue outside of his stall when it's raining or snowing and catching raindrops on his tongue.

See, blogging world..I'm not the only one with a weird bay horse. 

We've been throwing some hay out ever since December 1st, they still have some grass in the pastures and they aren't starving or anything but it's definitely time for some hay. Once their done eating, we throw the hay so they can eat some more. Typically Red runs to get water from the trough, makes a few laps around the barn and rolls. Spirit just eats hay and watches like "Red you crazy"and so do I. Since when is Red the hyper one? Luckily he doesn't do that when I get on. ;)

oh mah gosh hayyyy I'm calm now

I'm obsessed with black tips ears. Like, obsessed.

Can you find the mom?

Then he left the hay when I started to leave. Apparently horsey has priorities.

he looks back to the hay longingly, "BRB HAY MY OWNER IS LEAVING ME"



I'm serious, there's nothing more gratifying than having a horse follow you around everywhere. Red has a very puppy dog personality but he doesn't follow anyone else like that unless they have food. Following really isn't in his personality, he prefers to just chill out wherever you leave him. But yeah, having him want to be near me really makes me feel good. I must be doing something right, some how.
Obligatory pony selfie.


  1. Yeah I know what you mean about not wanting to know how long it's been since you rode last! It's been pretty messy around my place too. When I went out to feed this morning it felt pretty good so I'm hoping to break my no riding streak today! I really like the picture where you said "I'm obsessed with black tips ears. Like, obsessed." Love the coloring! And the one below that too, of just his muzzle and lower face.

  2. He has the cutest face ever and I LOVE the picture of him sticking his tongue out. :D I'm so glad you're enjoying the extra time spent with him now that he's home!