Okay, so I've been noticing some dappling on Red in the past couple of weeks and it's gotten pretty profound. I never imagined that he would dapple because his coat was always so dull and blah, especially with the sweet itch, but man, I'm pretty happy about it. I prefer dapples and etc over chrome, so I'm excited. I was also looking through some photos to see how his coat has changed and decided to post a bit of a transformation collage....I think it's crazy how much he's changed - his coat is different, his body is different, his personality is different.
about a month after I got him.

A couple months later.
A couple months later.
A couple months later.
And from yesterday.

  •  Photo 1: Coat is very long and straggly, a dull brown. Obviously no muscle and he needed some weight because of his sweet itch issue.
  • Photo 2: Coat is more brown than anything, very dull, no shine and obviously no dapples, haha, uneven hair everywhere because he shed out really weird, still needed muscle and weight.
  • Photo 3: Coat is still dull and bleh looking, weight looks much better but could still stand a couple of pounds IMO, needs lots of muscle.
  • Photo 4: Coat is much healthier, shiny and a penny color (he was very, very bright that month and his coat was super light) As far as muscle goes, he could use a little bit more but looks great.
  • Photo 5: Coat is a dark red now, dapples are forming, he has a hay belly because of winter but by far the best shape he's been in since I've had him, very sturdy and feels great (perhaps too good, some days, haha)

His coat has gotten a lot darker and I really love his dark points, his facial markings have grown as well (His star is absolutely massive this year??) 

And just for fun...here's another change. Everything from his body, to coat, to personality is different. I vividly remember dragging him through the pasture for this photo and mom having to wave a crop behind him because he did NOT want to move, lol.

Terrible picture because it's a screenshot from a video.

 And now, he happily follows behind me, lol!

Sometimes I wonder if Red has fun tricking everyone and is trying to make us believe he's a different horse, what with his random stripe and snip that comes and goes, his dapples, his color changes, personality changes and everything, haha. He's definitely not the lazy horse I brought home, but he's so great!


  1. He looks lovely dappled. Facial markings won't grow in size, but if he grew a longer winter coat on his face that could make them seem larger.

    1. Thank you! :) I love the dapples. And that's what I've been told, I'm so confused by it because it started growing in the middle of the Summer before he started getting any growth anywhere else. I'm thinking maybe it could be his sweet itch but not sure. Hmm!

  2. He looks so much better! I love the comparison photos!

  3. He has the best facial expression and it's consistent... "Mom... Really... Another picture..."

  4. I love transformation posts!! He looks great. The dapples are awesome!