Kind of Wordless Wednesday

I hate rain. It's been storming for a solid week and a half which means I have gotten in zero riding time. It's supposed to clear up on Friday and I'm riding as soon as the ground is safe. Until then, here are some shots I took yesterday when I was visiting the ponykins. Red looks like such a stud.

He constantly has hay sticking out of his mouth. I said it's his cigar.

 He always tilts his head slightly when he see's me.

Shalom, the biggest attention seeker of them all says "I SHALL CANTERRR!"

Red says "gasp she's not paying attention to me I shall stand here and look pretty"

the horse we constantly say we're going to sell but we never actually sell.

we're so in sync we don't need our eyes to be opened.

this halter is my fav

I ♥ his star.

and I ♥ his eeyore ears.

Take 1

Take 2

The Satan Horse.

creepy eyes.

I will ride this weekend. It's gotta happen. We're also looking for an australian saddle for Shalom. Going to post an update on him sometime this week.


  1. They look so happy being home with you. :)

  2. They all look very happy and healthy!

  3. Great photos - I love the artistic ones!

  4. Your boys are so gorgeous! I'll keep my fingers crossed for dry weather. We finally got a break in the rain and I got to ride today. Yay!!

    1. Thank you! It's finally dried up, thank God. It's so disgusting!