Hand Gallop Blog-Hop || What's In A Name?

Aka it's been raining for 7,000 years and won't stop and I have nothing to post so here's a cool blog-hop.

 What's the origin of your horse's show name and barn name?

Red's registered name is Cash's Stepping Up. I have absolutely no idea where that came from other than the obvious. His sire's name is Big Step Son, and Cash is in there somewhere, too. He has no interesting story on that. His barn name is was Little Red, dubbed by my aunt. He was little, he was red. Granted, now he's not so little and I thought Little Red was a mouthful and I started calling him Red (although recently his name has been Fatso) but I call him Big Red occasionally because it reminds me of this book - 

Basically a kid had this black pony but traded him for a big red horse because the red horse was big and then the black pony had to save big red's buttox. The end.

Shalom's registered/show name is Dot Dot Zoom. The "dot dot" part comes from his two dots on his nose, which you can see above. He has one black dot stacked on another. The "zoom" part comes from his sire, Shazoom. Plus, he raced. So Zoom kinda makes since. His barn name is significant for us. We named him Shalom after the word Shalom, which means peace, hope, or completeness in Hebrew. After going through so much, we decided he needed a new name that fit him and his future with us. :)


Spirit doesn't have a registered name that we know of, but his name Spirit came from the Disney movie Spirit, ya know, with the wild mustang. Spirit bucks and fights us like his namesake. We started jokingly calling him different things (Like Frankie after Frank Sinatra because of his blue eyes, Sheriff because he was like the Sheriff at our old barn, always getting the others out of trouble while simultaneously getting himself into trouble.) so we put it together and he became The Spirit of Sheriff Frankie.

And of course, Cowboy came with his name and we liked it. (Cowboy is the barn name, Cowboy's Little Rock is his registered name) and Halfpint is named after Little House on The Prairie. (AKA Little Horse On The Prairie.)


  1. Shalom is a pretty unique name for a horse, which is neat.

  2. OMG how did I never make the connection behind Halfpint's name?? I loved those books. :D I might have to join this one although mine will be short and boring haha.