Time to Party!

Yesterday, as most of y'all know because I yelled about it at every chance I got posted about several times, was the final rezoning meeting.

And we passed!!!!

Let's all notice Red's expression vs. mine.

So yeah - we're officially switched over to agriculture!! I basically squealed in the yard when mom ran out to tell me and she ran over for a high-five so I'm pretty sure I wasn't the only one freaking out like that, so there, I'm not crazy.

We were not told to wait, basically we can move horses just not build a house or whatever which is fine because we've, ya know, already got a house and we're basically poor as of now soooo...no building. Other than fences. Which means the horses could be home as soon as this weekend. The only thing holding us back is not having a trailer. In reality I would've loved them home before tomorrow which is vet and farrier day just to save us a trip to the barn then running back to Shalom but oh well, no time. We'll discuss it with "A" who will most likely end of being the horse's ride home on tomorrow while we wait for Doc and Farrier. I'm crossing my fingers for this weekend, obviously. We're also having a big barn party on October 4th to kind of celebrate/mope because we've left and that's happy and sad.

Anywho, now that we've been given the OK to move them and everything, our biggest worry is now keeping Shalom, Red and Spirit from fighting when they get home. I'm not super worried about Red because he's never been an instigator at all and he's more likely to run off and try to get away rather than fight back, but Spirit, I worry about. I don't think he'll go start a fight but I don't know Shalom well enough to make predictions on how he's going to act, and one thing I do know is Spirit will fight back. So hopefully our horses don't end up with a whole bunch of wounds.

And here's a necessary Halfpint photo. Because, Halfpint.

In other news Cowboy is still a jerk and we're very strongly considering selling him to a close friend so we know exactly where he ends up and we get to see him/get first dibs if we even end up doing it or if we just want to separate the two mini's. Cowboy keeps beating up Halfpint who is, 1.) Too tiny to fight back properly. 2.) A hippie horse who refuses to fight back and just stares at him like "Why are you doing this to me all you need is love"

Maybe we're terrible but we all kinda prefer Halfpint over Cowboy. Sure, we've only had Halfpint for less than a year as opposed to like 2 for Cowboy, but Cowboy hates children (children are alwaysssssss at my house) Halfpint loves them, Cowboy tries to bite/kick/rear at you, Halfpint thinks he's a dog and follows you until he basically just gives up on moving and literally lays down on your feet to get attention, etc etc etc. Halfpint is a total sweetheart and literally he's like Red in a tiny little squishy, fluffy, adorable package and Cowboy is drop dead gorgeous with so much potential but he's got attitude and needs a place where the horses will fight back and not just stand there. He needs his little pony butt to be kicked.

Typed as Red whispers in my ear "heyyyy why are we talking about the ponies I'm more important."


  1. Cool! So great to hear your horses will FINALLY be home!

  2. Congrats! Red looks thrilled with the news. ;)

    1. For sure! He's probably so excited about bootcamp ;)