Doing {being} What You Love

Saturday, we actually got a few spare hours and got to go to a rodeo that my friend was barrel racing in. I haven't had a chance to go see her run nor had I met her new horse, Harley, so I was excited to be able to go out, take a few photos and enjoy myself. It was a youth rodeo but it ranged all the way up to 19, so there were still some pretty great competitors.

 I've only been to a few rodeos because the ones here are either super lackluster or just come around every so often, so it was nice. I would consider Tri-C more of a horse show as opposed to rodeo, though, just judging by the way the competitors acted, how everything was set up and etc. It was a really nicely put together event, either way. First was sheep dogging, then sheep riding and little mini bronco rides with tiny ponies that basically just trotted around until one of the kids fell off. The third or fourth event was my favorite, goat tying. It's neat getting to see good riders goat tie and see how their horses act and etc. I kind of walked away with even more love for that discipline than I had before.

It made me look even more forward to starting training. Going to these types of events always makes me love and appreciate my own discipline a lot more. I'm surrounded by a lot of english riders (outside of the blogging world, I'm not talking about y'all, haha!) and it's easy to kind of feel out of the loop with stuff and wanting to fit in a bit more but at the end of the day, if I ever compete or if I just hang around my own farm, this is what I want to do and what I love.
The quickest and best dismount, by far.

I've already started goat tying from the ground - my little goat is pretty wild so she's been taming down a whole lot more as she's being worked with and I'm getting a bit more experience. I'm getting my game on with everything  - the meeting is today and that means my horses could literally be home from anytime in between the weekend or early October (If they don't say to wait 17 days they are coming home as soon as possible.) and I want to be prepared for that. This is what I love and I'm ready to work on it despite what anyone else says that kind of waters down my fire. I'm not a good writer on topics like this and I think it's because I'm so stinking excited about everything that my mind is scattered and I can't think, but for the first time I feel like I'm ready to just nail this down and start training and working with my horse for once like we're a team heading towards something and it's really nice knowing there's  something to go towards other than just another ride in the pasture and etc. Plus, Red's getting to be able to do what he was bred for and what he loves and that's working with goats and roping and etc. It's time for me to step up to the plate a little bit. We've accomplished so much in the past two years and proved a lot of people wrong and gotten a lot of good people on our side, now I'm ready to further that even more. This is a pretty good confidence booster, as well.

Prove Them Wrong. Rope like a girl.

I'm beyond excited for the end of this year and 2015 and all of the years after that.


  1. Ah! That sounds like so much fun! Looks like it too. I think I'd love to try some of that with B. My plan is to work on dismounts in 3' feet of snow barefoot this year.