Goals for Fall || Shalom Update

So, Fall is officially in the air and I've basically been so excited I can barely sit down and write a good post instead of just saying "OH MY GOSH GAAIS MY HORSEYS R COMING HOMEEE SOON!!!111!!!1" when in reality, that's basically kind of what I want to say.

But yeah, the meeting is on Monday. Granted, I'm stressed out so bad at the thought of someone coming to the meeting and making them turn us down, but I have a pretty good feeling about everything. It's still really surreal, thinking that they could be coming home by the end of this month. At the very latest, they'll be here early October if we have to wait the 17 days. Red is going in boot-camp. Even my mom, who is so sweet and tries to see every little good thing in Red and no negatives (because let's be honest, Red's pretty much the perfect horse for us and he really doesn't have many faults. I'm not saying this as a "my horsey is perffffect" bragging thing but his faults are fixable so far and not bad.) but even she agreed pretty readily when I said he's too chubby. It's not to a dangerous point and it's not even that he needs to lose weight, he just needs to gain muscle. So, I've made a little goal list for the both of us for this Fall. A lot of you bloggers have goal lists for every season of the year, which I love, but I never have time to work on certain goals - I just get on and ride, because we ride once a week only if we're lucky. But when he's home, I'll have time almost every single day to go up there and work.

PS: the ones with an asterisk are the ones that I doubt are going to happen this year, but maybe next. I'll be trying for this year. ;)

Goals for the end of 2014 -

  • Lots of hill-work to get muscle built back up.
  • Start on trot poles, hopefully move up to at least just lunging some cavaletti's to work more on Red's collection.
  • Work on lead changes, something I suffer with but Red does fairly well when I'm not holding him back.
  • Lots and lots and lots of canter work to get my seat halfway decent at the canter.
  • Work on posting the trot more and learn to sit it better.
  • *WTC bareback halfway decently (without falling to my death, plz)
  • Get us both into good shape. Running more has beefed up my calves so woot woot. Surely strong legs mean a good strong seat rightttt? 
  • *Start training for goat tying.
  • *Find a good western trainer with my goals in mind, not their own, that will help me become a good rider without pushing me into showing or bitting up my horse and etc. Preferably a trainer that will help with the natural horsemanship aspect.
  • Work more on liberty training, such as more join-up, bonding exercises and etc.
Little Pistol Annie

Right now, my biggest things this year will be getting us both back into shape, lots of trot work and lots of liberty. Red comes to life during our little play-times at the barn and I know he enjoys the attention that liberty gives him. Granted, we won't be doing it as seriously as a lot of people do now (such as no tack, asking the horse if they want to ride and etc, there still needs to be a line of respect) but I really enjoy doing these things.

Also, quick Shalom update. I definitely think he's gained weight in the past week and a half. His biggest flaw is he has food aggression and can get quite pushy when it's dinnertime. He was being quite a brat yesterday while we were trying to hose down his wound because he knew it was time to eat. We ended up tying him until he settled down then took care of business and let him eat. He's definitely not what we were told, lol. He's calm and gorgeous and sweet for the most part but he's not the dead-broke horse that he was supposed to be, but oh well. Time will tell!

Sad horse is sad.


  1. ... It deleted my post after I signed in... Bollocks! Anyway! Looks like a good list of goals as the new guy puts on weight, he's probably going to feel a lot less "dead-broke". I never trust someone who says that anyway. But as long as he's got a good mind and you've got the patience for him to settle (which I think you do), you'll be fine. Good luck with the meeting! I'm sure everything will be fine... Well B does, and he knows everything.

    1. Thanks! I was really eery with their claim after getting to the rescue, haha! He's not wild by any means but yeah, definitely not what I expected. I would consider Red fairly dead-broke so I think I was expecting another Red type of horse. :/

  2. Your enthusiasm for your horses is so refreshing. So wish you were closer, would love to ride with you and help with your goals.

    1. Thanks so much!! :) I could definitely use the help, haha!

  3. Horses attitudes change when they are starved and then fed, also when they gain coordination and muscle.

    1. For sure. I'm really hoping he'll calm right down once he knows he's not going to be starved again.

  4. You probably just need to give Shalom a chance to settle in. When I just got Lady, my new horse, in May it took her about two weeks before she was truly relaxed. I also recommend doing TONS of ground work with him. If you did about 30min ground work with him a day I think it would improve him a lot. It would help with his leading problem as well. I've found that most people don't train their horses on the ground and that is why a lot of horses have bad ground manners or leading problems. Shalom probably just needs a little work and training in that area and he'd do great. :)