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I've had a really bad day.

It all started out with mother nature letting me know, eyyy, you aren't pregnant, congrats. Yes, I realize that. Duh. I'm 15, let's all hope I'm not. Anywho, I get really light-headed and sick during that lovely, lovely time so I've felt like doing absoloutly nothing other than laying in bed watching Netflix and crying because I've already finished Call the Midwife season 3.

Then, we get a text. Farrier is on his way earlier than we expected, I think, okay, alright, we can do this. So we head out. Our phones apparently all stopped ringing therefor we didn't get the text saying he was running later than expected. So yeah, boo. We had plans to go into town, have a good day out, etc, but nope. We're at the barn, early, all on our own faults. Nice job, I know.

Somewhere in the middle of this, mom loses her debit card and we spend all morning looking for it to no avail.

I just want to take a bunch of Ibuprofen.

But alas, we stick around for a few minutes anyways, do some odds and ends at the barn, talked to J about trailering them home, talk about some drama that happened that I'm not gonna post about on here, got that settled and I finally saw Red after forever. Let's just say yesterday was bad as well. We found out a lot of things about Shalom from an  old owner that I'm not excited about. At all. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a jerk and hate him, I still love him, but it's becoming obvious he may not be suited well for us like we were hoping. It's not anything silly or superficial and I'll talk more about it when I know more about what we're planning.

Anyways, in short, I literally have the best horse ever (the bay, the others are kinda disappointing me at the moment.) and I'm blessed and shouldn't let this stuff with Shalom get to me.

The cutest biggest ears ever.

He says hello grandma

I basically forced my love on him and he's always willing to be hugged so that's great. I hugged him. He hugged back a few times. I put some MTG on some bald spots, thanked him for not rubbing himself raw this summer since yesterday was the first day of Fall and yayyyy we're out of the woods this year, woot woot. I also measured him because Shalom's height was throwing me off because he's 16 right on the dot and Red was supposedly 15.3 and no way. We measured him on the flattest ground ever, used a bar to make sure it was accurate and guess. stinking. what.

14.3hh. Right. On. The. Money. 

I'm 100% okay with this, I mean his breeder told me they bred for smaller horses because the smaller horses can rope and etc better than a bigger horse because they can get down lower, but man, we were way off. (totally wasn't me measuring him but it totally makes sense.) Now, I kind of feel like I have a pony but that's okay too because he's still built like a tank which is what matters to me.

Taking a nap, totally normal.

He followed me around for a few minutes and I sat around with him. Basically just enjoyed his company. I'm aiming for this weekend to trailer them home.

Also, mom admitted today that Red is the best horse ever, and no other horse can beat him so we should stop trying. Her words exactly. (She may be slightly upset about Shalom while saying that but she brags on Red nonstop so I'm taking it.) 

BFFS 4ever


  1. I always thought I wanted a TALL gelding. Then I got a neglected mystery thing and a 14.1 mare. And now I have a 14.3 mystery thing and a 14.1 mare AND I WOULDN'T CHANGE IT FOR THE WORLD. Shorter = better. You aren't having to haul your ass super far to get up there and down, low hanging limbs on the trail don't bother you as much as those with taller horses, short and petite horses are incredibly more agile and athletic typically (less size needs less space), and if and when you fall, it's less distance to the turf! #winning I mean, that's too many positives to ignore. ;-) =)

  2. Short is great! (says the girl with the 16hh Dinosaur)...I love Riv but DO NOT want anything at all bigger, loved loved my 14.1, 14.3 Arab horse-ponies! A lot less intimidating. :)

    1. I really thought I preferred taller until I got around Shalom who's ginormous and he's slightly intimidating, lol! I always said Red was 15.2/15.3 because that's what I was told, so I think my love for taller horses came from how comfortable I am around him...but he's not tall, lol!

  3. LOL! That's too funny about Red. Remember when told a horse's height always assume it's an overestimate. Most people guess taller than they really are. Even though I'm 5'10" tall I really prefer smaller horses too. They are less expensive and don't physically break down as quick as the giants. :D Chrome is 15.2hh (for sure because I've measured him every month since he was five months old hehe) and I'm comfortable on him. If I could go shorter and not look like a giant I totally would though. My Appy was 14hh and she was perfect. :D I would love to have a Fell pony or Norwegian Fjord!

    I'm sorry you had several bad days and I hope they are getting better. I also hope everything works out okay with Shalom.