Odds & Ends!

I have a few odds and ends to cover up in this post so I doubt it's going to be well-constructed - whoops! I really need to work on my posts on this blog. Forgive me for coming and going and not writing well. I think I get burned out after writing posts on my other blog that's more serious and professional and rush through things, not to mention I don't ride that often as of yet. So, yeah.

Anywho, Shalom is scheduled to come home on Saturday. We may have to put it off another couple days but we're pretty sure that Saturday's going to work. Almost everyone from our barn will be coming (J, the farm owner, C, our handy-man/boarder, A, our barn manager, and of course myself and mom) it's almost a 4 hour drive without traffic so it'll be a long day, but I'm really excited to take a final trip with our barn fam before we leave the farm and start a new chapter. Shalom is completely paid for, so basically all we have to do is get him picked up and in the trailer. I'm also leaning more into him being very TB-like. In my opinion, he looks more Thoroughbred than Quarter, but that could change completely when he's filled out. Opinions?

Photo from KY Horse Rescue

Depending on how he fills out and if his heart is in it, mom and I have discussed trying him over some jumps (Lightly at first, of course, and not until he's in good shape) because once he fills out, it looks like he'll have a nice build for it. Especially if he's got some TB in there like we imagine. :)

We just picked up a pad liner for him for extra cushion since his topline is so thin. We won't be riding him often at all until he's at a better weight but we do want to keep a saddle on him every so often so he doesn't get too green. I doubt we'll have an issue with it, though. We also got some shipping boots and etc for trailering him home and we're going to pick up some feed. He's just on a random TSC feed, so we'll ease him into another feed (senior feed with beet pulp as for now) and a weight supplement.

On another note, we went by the barn yesterday to talk to A about getting Shalom and popped in to see the Redman and groom him. His expressions when he see's me cracks me up every-time.


 "Oh you! I like you! Gimme food! Gimme cuddles! I need food they are starving me I haven't had grain since yesterday!!"

I let him follow me around to his stall while I got my stuff and he just moseyed around like "weeeeeee I'm free from the heat outside!" and then abandoned me for the fan in the barn.

We're almost out of Summer and his tail still exists! Woot woot!


  1. He could easily be full Quarter. They have such varying body types. You really wouldn't know without a tattoo or registration papers.

    1. That's what I'm thinking, too. We're going to check for tattoo's and ask them if he had papers when they got him. In other pictures he looks so TB and in others he just looks full Quarter. I'm guessing he's appendix bred, but he can change so much when he's filled out.

  2. You'd be surprised at how long and lean some QH look...there's a lot of variety within the breed build-wise

  3. I'm very excited for you. I can't wait to hear about the day you pick him up! I think he is going to be a gorgeous horse once he fills out. He has such a sweet looking face.