Horsey Gotcha Day

Oh man, where do I start?

I can't believe I've had Red for 2 years. It feels like I've had him for ages in one way and like I just got him yesterday in the other. It's so hard to explain and put into words just what I feel for that horse. I have no doubt in my mind that he's my heart horse. He's my escape from reality, my therapist when things get rough, my bestfriend when I need a shoulder (mane) to cry on and my freedom when I just need to run away - literally. I've already gotten a few messages from non-horsey friends saying "Happy Anniversary!" and I know they think I'm insane, but I don't think it's something you could ever understand unless you are put in the shoes (boots?) of an Equestrian. I could write a whole novel on us, but y'all already know our story and I'm already tearing up from writing something for Instagram so I'm just going to leave it at this -

Redman, I hope we have many, many more years together. Proving haters wrong, making the people who doubted us jaws drop at how far we've come, continuing on with building our bond deeper and deeper and following what we love to do. Thank you for making my dreams come true, for not bucking me off when I deserved it and for being a patient, steady mount that's grown and learned with me. Most of all, thanks for letting me be your human. ♥



  1. Happy anniversary, Kalin and Red! I can't believe it's been two years already! I am so happy for you that you and Red are still bonding and growing closer each day You two have always been a great match from the beginning.

  2. Red sounds like a very special horse. And I love the picture!

  3. Yay happy Anniversary, he sounds like a special horse, glad you guys found each other.