Oh, man. I am absolutely freaking out tonight. I'll start at the beginning.

This evening, I was up at the barn with mom, my step-dad and the kiddos while they slept in the van so we could check on Shalom really quick. I was under the impression that we were visiting him like we always do around that time, but mom and Jeff just kept hanging around longer than usual which was kind of odd, considering we were just sitting there. All of a sudden, a horse trailer pulls up into the driveway and I quickly realize that it's R's truck with A and J in the truck.

And oh my gosh, that's my horse trying to peek out of the window.

Apparently, mom, Jeff and everyone else had been planning this for awhile and mom asked if it could be a surprise for me. Jeff had actually let the cat out of the bag when we got to our barn but I had earbuds in my ears and couldn't hear him, although I did see mom smack him in the arm and say "Jeff! Hush!" ;) We unloaded the boys and let them sniff noses with Shalom, Red was more interested in grass as usual so I walked around with him. Of course, I was in Toms which is basically just a piece of material over your feet and no thanks I don't want my feet broken. Luckily we had a pair of boots we had bought earlier that day in the van so I stalled Red for a minute while I put them on and he wasn't happy about me leaving. We turned Spirit out with him first (get it over with, we said) and he pinned his ears for less than a second and they walked off with each other like they had always been buddies.

*sighs in relief*

Then, we pulled Redman out and turned him out and Red was so excited about having a new friend YAY new horse! he said. Shalom immediately started following Red around like a puppy. Red definitely has a thing for the underdogs and took to Shalom so well. Spirit kept herding Red away because he was so jealous, lol.


There's not much to say, honestly. They've done so, so well together. I've been up there for a few hours, 3 times, and they've just been grazing. We haven't had a bad moment yet. No biting, no kicking, no chasing. Spirit has pinned his ears a few times but that's typical with him. Feeding was interesting. We tied all 3 and Red wasn't super happy about being tied but he was good. It'll take awhile to get used to feeding all 3 and getting some new ideas on how to do it instead of tying them all... we shall see.

We're definitely riding on Thursday, hopefully getting Red started on some light work in the round pen tomorrow but it's church night and we'll be busy with feeding them and checking up on them, I don't want to rush him into work. He's nervous but doing very good. When we pulled out this evening, he took off and galloped alongside of the fence with the van and he meets us at the gate every time. He definitely looks to people for comfort which is so sweet, lol!


Honestly I'm still reeling that he's home. I'm exhausted and not writing well at all and I probably shouldn't be writing a post yet because I just want to use capslock and yell to everyone oh my gosh MY HORSEEEE IS HERE, but I won't. We all cried when they got here, happy and sad tears. 2 years at Ivy Hills...wow.

Pure happiness.

All I can do is cry and squeal.


  1. I am SO happy and excited for you Kalin! It has been a long journey but your Red is finally home. May the Lord bless the many years ahead that you have with Red. Let the adventures begin!! :D