Is It Time Yet?

I haven't ridden in over 2 weeks, so I basically have nothing to write about. I did, however, see Red yesterday and took home a few random odds and ends (basically everything but a brush, a mane comb, my saddle pad, saddle, bridle and a lead/halter) that we just didn't need there. I wanted to make sure that if I did have time somewhere in the week I could actually ride properly and of course, I needed grooming stuff and a halter and lead at the barn. The flies aren't as annoying so I took home fly masks and etc. It feels really crazy that we're bringing home our stuff. It's almost been 2 years at Ivy Hills and it's become my second home. It's so bittersweet to leave, but I'm beyond ready for it to be moving day. They're having a little party for us on the 4th, which is so sweet. Barbeque, hay rides for the kids, riding, the whole shebang. I doubt I'll get much riding in because of the kids being there, but I'll probably hop on Red somewhere during that time. I'm going to bet that they'll be coming home sometime that day or maybe the day after. We're aiming for sometime next week at the very latest. It's hard because we know the people at Ivy Hills want to bring them home and see Shalom again, bid them off and etc but we have to wait on them and their schedules.

Pretty boy in his pink halter.

I did get in a grooming session yesterday after getting my stuff. Red cracks me up. After he eats, he makes laps past all of the stalls, shoves his head under any crack he can find to get the other horse's grain that's fallen and once he's done, he opens the front gate (by himself.) pushes it open very slowly and inches even slower out the gate. He's one of the only horse's allowed out there off of a lead. He walks to the table, stands there and waits for everyone to finish up their chores and to take him back to the pasture.

"Um no I did not open this gate."

He was also very concerned for my shoe wear. (yes, I wore Toms to the barn. Not the smartest thing but I didn't plan on even seeing Red because it was later in the day and he's normally in the back pasture at that time, but who can resist that face? I'm very strict with shoe wear.)

"Um why are you wearing these ma'am?"

In other news he feels so, so short now because of Shalom.

14.3 hands. I still can't believe it. Not unhappy - just..woah. We were off.

Shalom's sore on his withers is looking much better. We basically decided to just leave it alone after it not healing properly, and without any of the gunk all over it, it's healed so much better. I need to get more conformation shots because geeze he's looking good. I honestly don't believe a word that anyone says when they say he's a picky eater and a hard keeper. This winter will tell us a lot and I could be 100% wrong but so far, he's so much more content, takes naps in the pasture instead of eating all. the. time. and leaves hay in the stall, so I know he's not still just starved to death. He eats anything we offer him if it's time for him to be hungry and he's gained weight so quickly. (Yes, we've been checking multiple times a day for founder and etc.) 

Mah other man.

So far, he's fitting in good. We'll know a lot once we get a saddle on his back, but I have a good feeling. :) He's so relaxed now with us unless he's eating. He still has food aggression but that's controllable. He'll be fed in the stall and Red and Spirit will most likely be fed in the pasture (tie them, put buckets on the fence, watch them and let them loose when their done) so we don't have to worry about him trying to get anyone elses food or getting mean. If he buddies up with someone, we'll let Spirit in the stall next to him. Spirit is the buddy sour one and we were told that Shalom gets very buddy sour, and Red just doesn't care. He's so attached to his mares at the barn but he couldn't care less if he's asked to leave them.

All in all, we've got a good group of ponies.

Sky over the farm on Sunday night for kicks.

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