B&BS Blog-Hop || 2nd Day At Home

Okay, I'm a bit calmer than I was last night (not really) and ready to get settled back into the blogging world and do a fun blog-hop. But before that, an update on the ponies on the 2nd day a home for Red and Spirit and Shalom's....3 and a half weeks at home?

Basically, the boys are doing amazing. There have been no fights, no biting, no kicking, no nothing. Spirit has definitely established that he is the herd leader and Red, as usual, has migrated over to Shalom like he always does with our rescues. (I swear, he is the gentlest horse I've ever met.) Spirit gets very jealous when Red pays attention to Shalom and tries to chase him away, but I've seen Red stand up for Shalom a few times.

"hurro everybody"

We fed them all around 8:30 this morning which was interesting. Shalom is being fed twice a day, once in morning once at around 7 at night, but Red and Spirit only need to be fed once a day so it's interesting. We tied Red and Spirit and then let Shalom eat near the gate at the pasture but the others weren't happy at all being tied with no food, so we gave them each a handful of grain to calm their nerves a bit. This won't be permanent so we're just making do. It's harder feeding in the morning because it's just me and mom with the kids at the barn, so I'm excited to start feeding only in the evening when my step-dad is home and can babysit the kids while mom and I get things done at the farm.

They've barely even glanced at the Quarab mare across the street, which is a good, good thing. I was really concerned about Spirit wanting over to her but he's been content with the others in there. Red and I start boot-camp tomorrow. I would ride this evening but it's church and feeding takes awhile as of now so I won't have time. But tomorrow and the weekend, we hit it.


Red is cracking me up with how excited he gets when we pull up. I didn't realize how people oriented him and Shalom are. Spirit couldn't care less, honestly, but Red and Shalom meet us up at the gate every time and Red even galloped around chasing the van when we pulled out. According to our neighbors, the second our van was out of sight, he was fine. Sweet boy :)


Now time for a blog-hop! Breeches & Boat Shoes started this one!

What are some quirks, naughty or nice, that your horse has and do you love or hate them?

Red has a few quirks. The ones I love....
  • He loves to hug people. If you are around him and he likes you, expect him to creep up and start wrapping his neck around you. He's picky with who he does it with.
  • He likes using me as a head-rest. It's hilarious and makes us all laugh. He will nudge my back until I lean over and then lay his head on top of my back and he'll stay there until I make him move.
  • He loves to smile and kiss for treats. Any time he sees a treat, he starts smiling or kisses me.
  • He loves to follow people around, especially if you are a kid. He'll go super slow around kids and will only trot around with me unless you have food, then he'll do it for other people ;)
  • As I mentioned above, he has a thing for rescued horses. All of his favorite horses have been rescues. He's always so gentle with them and doesn't like the others that much.

The ones I hate...

  • He is very impatient when being mounted and I typically need help to get him to stand still. That will be fixed soon because I hate it.
  • He likes to grab bags of shavings and feed and throw it around the ground for fun.
  • He's lazy. This is funny at times, honestly, but he'll refuse to move out of the barn if he knows there's still feed, somewhere in there, or if he thinks you're going to leave him alone or work him. 
  • He's barn sour at times. I've got this 99% under control but sometimes he gets stubborn and it drives me insane.


  1. I'm glad they are all doing so well together! :D

  2. That's awesome that you have your horses at home now!