Mini Photoshoot!

I finally got the chance to bring out my nice camera (Canon Rebel xT) and take pony photos. I've never really gotten any great ones of just Red, so I thought it would be nice to spend some free time over there. The original plan was to get both of them in the round pen to work, but "A" had visitors using the round pen and mom started feeling bad due to getting overheated (Fun fact! My mom and I can't sweat, which equals sickness and heat strokes!) so she just hung around without exerting herself to much. Climbed under the fencing, Red went straight towards me and I got his new fancy halter on! (Thanks, Lydia!)

Fancy pony.

Spoiler Alert: He was perfection. Like, literally, I could not ask for a better horse than what I got today. The herd was kind of antsy at the gate (they were locked in the 4 acres tonight) but he just totally zoned them out and got down to business. I started off by walking him around and getting him to stand square, after about 5 minutes of working with it, he squared himself quickly. Got him to ground-tie without walking off for some real conformation photos, yippee!
Sii photobombed.

Attempt #2. Much better!!

Once I got a few good confo shots, I free lunged him in the pasture. I've tried to do this before..keyword is tried. He's always refused to do it because, well, he has no respect in the pasture and is lazy! This time, he did it perfectly, didn't tug at me too much and kept at a good speed without pulling me around. It took me a minute to get a hang of it (I've only every lunged in the round pen with no ropes) but he was great. Stopped the second I said "woah" and squared himself again.


Disclaimer: I never hit him with the rope, just swung it near him.




Stopped him and then he decided to continue to join up with me, totally did it without any questions and I didn't even ask for it. I love that he's starting to choose that now in the pasture with his herd. He's choosing time with me over the herd and grass and that makes me feel like he's respecting me more and our bond is getting deeper.

He is Eeyore. Such a derp face.

Derpy lips.

I have way more photos but I shall save them for later, haha!

Once we were done, I pretty much just sat around with him, he continued to follow me around like a puppy as I went from horse to horse and said hello, talked to some people through the fence with a giant Quarter Horse head on my shoulder and derped around.
He should win the best pony award.

When I went back up the hill to grab his fly mask that I discarded before the photos, he realized that I was gone (he was drinking water at that point) and trotted up the hill, haha!
Cute horse.

"Are you following me?"

I love this horse more and more every day, I swear.