Officially Fancy!

So, if you remember back on the 11th, I received an awesome leather nameplate halter from my best friend for my birthday! Due to no time and awful lighting, all I got was one horrible photo so I didn't even post it. I used it for yesterday's photoshoot (seen in previous post) but I thought I'd post a review and some more detailed photos!

He just had to blink, of course.

Okay, so I'm just somewhat obsessed with this thing. I've never had the chance to have a nice halter because they are expensive and out of my budget, so I was extremely excited when I opened it up, haha! He stays tackless with a fly mask in the pasture and this thing will never be on him during turn-out to prevent it from getting ruined, but it fits perfectly and it doesn't rub him at all, even with his sensitive skin. The leather was a little stiff from being packed up, but after a few minutes of working with it and it being in use, it softened right up without me having to use any kind of leather conditioner or soap. Everything is very sturdy and it appears to be extremely safe, the nameplate looks perfect and so does the font/text!

Red smiles because he loves his halter. ;)

I also love, love, love the bottom clasp that you hook the lead on to. All 3 of my nylon halters have horrible bottom clasps and they are a pain to hook up for some reason. (I blame it on nylon's ability to stiffen with the slightest amount of mud.)  It looks fantastic on him and I couldn't be happier.

Also, since it was a gift I have no clue where it was from..soooo when I find out, I'll let y'all know, haha!

EDIT: It was bought from Chicks Saddlery. :)


  1. I love leather halters they make a horse look so fancy!

  2. Leather halters with nameplates are one of my favorite things!