Sweet-Talking the Tack Store Manager.

In honor of my birthday, I begged asked nicely to be driven to the tack store, or lack there of. We have a Co-Op, which is basically a more casual Tractor Supply. They have a small corner of the store dedicated to tack, everything is Western of course because English riders are not popular at all in this area. ;) Mom went straight to the bosals, which she'll use on Spirit for ground work similar to a noveal headstall, and I lusted over everything I couldn't afford. I found things I wanted, such as a gorgeous brown leather breast collar with a big green, shiny concho and one brown/black breast collar with the three crosses, but they were all wayyyyy out of my price range, even on the clearance rack. The splint boots were way over-priced, bell boots didn't come in Red's size (AKA massive) and I left towards the check-out with nothing...


Until the manager came out to be our cashier and let mom barter on the bosal. The clearance sign said "30% off or let's make a deal" so when I realized that he was really okay with making a deal, I was like wellll.....and went off to go grab a gorgeous pad that I have been wanting for a few months. Normally priced at $75, which is actually a great price because they normally sell for $100+ but I can't bring myself to pay $75. He dropped the price down to $40, I sighed and acted less interested and we talked some more about our foster babies in the stroller, he asked if they were mine, I said, "Uh no way dude I'm 15." and we continued talking, then he said, "Well, I'll drop the price to $32 for you." UM, YES. I tried to remain stoic and business-like but nope, it was my birthday and I was stinking excited.

Not the best photo because western pads are big and the mini-van is NOT, haha.

But yes, I love. It's a Stacy Westfall/Weaver pad, Ride the Brand, contoured, built-up, I'm 99.9% sure that it'll be thick enough for my saddle and if not I will somehow MAKE it work because it's my favorite piece of tack that I own now, other than my saddle.

And just to brag, let us remember my tack set and how much I've paid, m'kay?

Bridle: Gift, retails for $25+ depending on where you buy it. Weaver brand one-ear.
Hackamore: Gift. Only thing Red loves on his face other than a halter, haha.
Saddle: Traded my barrel saddle that I got for $100 (that retailed for $300+) for it. Roping saddle is a custom buffalo saddlery that retails for $1,000+
Pad: My two main pads retail for over $70 and I spent $32 on this one, the other one I got in a trade for a pad that was given to me.
Splint boots: $10
Reins: $15
Girth: $26

So yeah, I think I've done a good job, hahaha!

Next thing I need to buy is a pair of new splints. I think I'm going to go with our green/burgundy theme and get a pair of burgundy splints and burgundy reins whenever I have some extra cash. Yay or nay?


  1. Pretty saddle pad! Happy Birthday :)

  2. Looks like you have found some good deal!

  3. Cute saddle pad - and happy birthday!!

    In terms of color, I think Western riders have it easier... somehow... why did I switch to English again? o.O

  4. Very nice saddle pad and good price! I am so picky when it comes to tack I dont know what cheap is anymore, lol oh well at least it lasts forever

  5. Funny story, and I love the saddle pad!

  6. Gorgeous saddle pad!! Gotta love a good deal.