Tack Haul!

Well, last week (and the start of this one...) was insane. I managed to catch a terrible cold on Friday and have been cooped up in bed until this morning. I managed to get a run to the barn in to say hello to the new horse, Sii, but I had to leave pretty quickly because I was so not in good condition. :P Plus, my mom (who can't take pills, therefor couldn't take a lot of medication for it...) caught poison ivy and she's been miserable the whole week. So yeah, this week hasn't been a good horsey week. This week, however, should be good. I'll get a ride in this week, hopefully in some of my new tack, and hopefully Red and Spirit do good. Red's been doing great but last time we rode he (understandably) spooked at Spirit so I'm hoping for no more spooking this time, haha!

Anyways, I got a ton of tack from Spirit's old owner and realized I never posted about it. ;)

(picture taken from the facebook site I bought it from, The Tack of The Town)

I got the bareback pad on the bottom left, it's a denim type of material and padded with stirrups. Red is really hard to ride bareback because of his rough gait, so the stirrups will come in handy. I may ride with it this week.


Mom got the barrel pad on the top right. It's actually a green'ish color, the photo lied. ;)


I got the black fluffy girth/breast collar set, Red is sensitive in the Summer because of the sweet itch so I have to be careful with tack, especially girths, so I'm hoping it fits!

And mom also got a pair of reins, spurs/spur straps and some electrical tape! We bought a pair of zebra print reins for "A" since that's her thing. ;) All of it was around $80 so we got a ton of great deals! I can't wait to try everything out this week. I need to downsize my tack collection so this week I'm selling a red neoprene pad that's too thin for my roping saddle (and getting Red a muzzle) and hopefully I'll manage to sell my red splint boots so I can buy a green pair, haha! Also need to sell my two sets of spurs since that was obviously not the best idea for the Redman.

And before I go....
Welcome to the barn!

"A" got another horse!!!! This is Sii (may not be spelling it right..) and she's a Quarter Horse. If any of y'all remember Red's girlfriend Bay-Bay, this is her dam. She's 19 years old and is blind in one eye, but she is an absolute sweetheart. She has such kind eyes and reminds me a ton of Red. I could tell just by looking at her that she's going to be a little doll! She needs some weight but she should really end up being a big stocky mare once that's all over! She's around 16hh and has had dressage training, rides english/western, dead-broke! You can't see her markings in this picture, but she's a buckskin with chrome and a big dorsal stripe. Ooh-la-la!

I'm not a mare person at all, but I'd take this girl in a heartbeat!

And Red's doing great too! ;)