Goals for 2014

Since the beginning of 2014, my goals have changed drastically considering that, well, I won't be boarding anymore by, hopefully, October'ish. I've actually been able to make more goals and know that I can accomplish them realistically because I won't be stuck with rushed barn visits and riding once a week if I'm lucky. I'll be out there every day, obviously, to muck stalls, feed and etc, but I will be able to ride WAY more often and lunge a ton. Lunging will be a big part of life to get Red's muscle built up. So, I wanted to completely re-do my list of goals for this year.

Goals for me:

  • Build up some leg strength. My legs flop everywhere. 
  • Work on posting, Red's trot is not fun to ride period, but it's better when I post. ;) Leg strength^^ is needed.
  • Ride bareback more often. This will improve my strength and seat, plus it's fun. I just need to get better at it!
  • Ride 2+ times a week starting when the horse's are home.
  • Lead changes. Learn. How. To. Do. Them. Red knows how, I just don't know how to ask for it, haha!
  • HEELS!
  • Stop being anxious in the saddle. This started during the spur fiasco and I started getting nervous to get on because I knew he would try to bolt. Can I handle that? On Red, yes, I can, because he won't try anything too stupid. Is it fun mentally? Uh, no. Granted, he is doing 90% better now and the only time he spooks now is because of Spirit and barn sour stuff soooooo.....
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Goals for Red:
  • Gain muscle. This is all my fault for not being able to work him often.
  • Barn sour. Enough said.
  • Work more on his trot/lope. 
  • Start on trot poles, maybe lunge him over some little oxers.
  • Start on roping, I have my swing down, now it's time for his job. ;)
  • Work on bridleless/tackless. 
  • Work on backing/sidepassing.
  • Start on poles/barrels just for fun, to help with turns and etc.
  • GET HIM HOME! ;)
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I think we both have a lot of potential and I can't wait to be able to train more! As much as I adore the barn I board at, and trust me, it is the most wonderful barn ever, it's really starting to bug me that I can't see Red often. When you can't drive and have an insane life, it gets hard. And also, I'll be happy to only have a couple horses at the house to deal with. Catching your horse is a pain because you have to fight off 11 other horses, and watch your back at the same time to make sure they are going to go after your horse. The barn is the biggest blessing ever and I have met some of the best friends family ever, but I really, really want to see my horse more often.

Also, update on little Halfpint! A recap first, we got him a few weeks ago and he was covered in lice, his hooves were so long he could barely walk, he had the worst case of worms we have ever seen, and he was just disgusting. He hadn't been touched and was 100% wild...but now...

He's done a completely 180. I've pretty much claimed him as my own (he was supposed to be mom's but oh well.) and we've done a lot of training so far! He follows me around everywhere and he's such a little sweetheart!! We had our first major grooming session a few days ago (We couldn't groom him much until the lice was gone) and other than having a mini freak-out when he felt the curry comb on his back, he did perfect. I brought out a few things to his little area that he's in and he was momentarily terrified of the rope and little jumps we made for Cowboy, but he was fine within a few minutes. Him and Cowboy are still separated. We honestly don't know what to do with Cowboy because his attitude with me and Halfpint is getting worse and worse for no reason...Ugh.

Also...update on the property. We've fenced in a huge corner, gotten a TON of briars and etc clean up, and also cleaned out some of the woodland!

The dirt patch on the right was all briars and trees.
Mom managed to get a killer case of poison ivy, though. Ew.

If y'all haven't discovered it yet, I can't wait for them to be here!


  1. Here is a suggestion for how to ask for leads. I am not sure how Red was trained... I mean everyone trains horses slightly different. But with all the horses I've ridden, if they start on the wrong lead all I had to do was ask for the lope again and they'd switch leads. I hope it helps. :D

  2. Counter-cantering (fancy word for cantering on the wrong lead) really helps with balance and lead changes. Muscle building? HILL WORK! <3

  3. Oh my goodness, you are so blessed to have all that land! :) It looks beautiful! And your horse are just wow. C: