Blog Hop: Appreciating What We Have

I really love this idea for a blog hop, as usual, L doesn't fail to bring us wonderful hops. ;) I'm, admittedly, very corny when it comes to my horse. I know you all hear it over and over, but I love him to death. Sometimes I feel like we as riders (and bloggers) focus too much on the negative in lessons or the spook on the trail and we don't realize what wonderful horses we do have. :)

So, where do I start?

  • He's dependable. I know that when I come to the barn, I'm going to meet the same horse that I see every time. 
  • He's as close to bomb-proof as you can get. Does he spook? Occasionally, but his spooks are very minimal and when he does get scared, he stops in his tracks and composes himself to make sure the rider is safe.
  • He's sweet. This is one of my favorite things because who doesn't love a cuddly horse? He's not one of those annoying, "I'm going to breath down your neck and push you over until you give me a treat" kind of horses, but he's always there when you call for him and he's quick to offer a hug when needed. I love that he is so eager to join up with me and follow me around.

  • He's trustworthy. I know that he will be a good boy when I put kids on him, or nervous/beginner riders. I've put one of those said nervous/beginner riders on him tackless and then bareback in the field and he never offered to even take a wrong step. He knows his limits and he knows his job.
  • His conformation/build is great. Other than being chubby this year because of a disgusting winter, he has really solid confo and he's an easy-keeper other than the founder last Spring. No lameness issues, great hooves, just a well put together horse. I like knowing that he should live a long healthy life.
  • He stands for the vet/farrier all day long, and he'll do it tackless, too. Just tell him to "stand" and he won't move no matter where you go.
  • He is wonderful with new horses, especially with the underdogs that the others pick on. 
  • And the cheesiest of all...he's put a lot of pieces together. There's just something about Red that makes it impossible for people to not love him. He was the horse that got my mom back into riding, that brought her some healing. She was so upset when we first brought him home because she was scared she'd lose her horses again, but he helped her. He helps me through depression and anxiety and just life every time I see him, and that, without a doubt, makes him worth his weight in gold.
Indian pony loves bareback rides and hugs.

He may not be the fastest horse at the barn, he may lose hair every so often and he may be stubborn and sensitive and lazy, but he works so hard for me and for some reason, he decided to give me 100% of everything he has, something he never did with anyone else. I didn't just take this horse, we both chose each other. He's my biggest blessing.


  1. What a great post!! He definitely sounds like he's worth his weight in gold. :D I love the sweet part! He sounds like just the type of personality that I adore. Also I wish I'd thought of dependable for my list.. that would have been perfect. Gotta love our geldings!