Heart Breed

We've all heard the saying, "heart horse" but have you ever thought about a bigger picture?

My mom absoloutly adores Appaloosa's. She grew up with them, and they are what I like to call her "heart breed." Her heart horse was an ugly Appaloosa, ironically named Beauty. See, she was at a horse show one day, and she saw a woman barrel racing on Beauty. She was hideously marked, with no tail, mane or forelock and mottled skin. She had excellent conformation, though, and her muscles made up for her bad markings. And boy, could she run. My mom fell in love just watching her, so my Papaw bought her and they were inseparable ever since. She was very picky, though. She didn't put up with everyone and could be downright mean to you. But if she accepted you? Prepare to be loved hardcore. She loved mom like crazy and mom returned the favor. Appaloosa's are special to her, and I know that while she's in a place now that she just wants a safe horse that she can grow old with, her heart still belongs to Appy's and she's trying everything she can to make sure she can keep them. :) Do they have attitude? Uh, yeah. We call that Appy-tude around here. But mom loves that, they are quirky. ;)

A lot of you bloggers, especially in the English world, love Thoroughbred's. They have heart, they have try. Some of you work so hard to make sure those OTTB's have a good forever home and they live a healthy life, and I applaud you all for it.

I know a few people who adore Paints, love standing out with their flashy horses, normally built with muscle and brain.

My heart breed? Quarter Horses.

The reason is obvious, of course. Most of everyone fall in love with that certain breed because of a certain horse. Once you really build a connection with a horse, it's hard not to get biased with their breed. Even if they are a cross! I've met the sweetest Quarter's in the world, and while they may not be the quickest, most energetic things (normally, of course there are some crazy Quarter's out there!) and they don't have a nice smooth gait, I love their personalities. So sweet and puppy-dog like, mom compared them to the golden retriever of the horse world. (She also said TB's were the greyhounds, surprisingly fast and energetic yet sweet and lazy at the same time, haha!)

Easy Jet, one of Red's grandfathers.

I fell in love with Quarter's not only because I love stock horses, but because I love the typical personality and ride. And because I fell in love with a brown horse.

What is your heart breed? :)


  1. My heart breed is still AQHA at the end of the day. They will always be my first love.

  2. Simple. . .Haflingers of course! Funny, smart, cute.

  3. I love, love, love Thoroughbreds.

  4. Another Haflinger vote, here! They've been my favorite since before I ever met one in person. :) But I learned to canter on a QH and she was an awesome girl.

  5. I'm with you on Quarter Horses -- they'll always be my first love :-)