New farrier came out today! The last one was a GREAT trainer but not really a good farrier. She was a bit sloppy and I was concerned with a few different things, so we opted to find someone else. Enter "C" #2. This guy's name is the same as our last farrier. :)) He's very nice and very quiet. Started off with the bad, so out comes Spirit. He's been doing much better on the ground since "N" (the woman farrier) came out, and he was actually quite good until we got to the last shoe. He stood for awhile and tried to rear up at the end, and he moved a lot the whole time, but much calmer. "C" never got frustrated or mad at him, even when his rears caused him to mess up, and never once raised his voice, he just gave him breaks and that worked very well and we liked that a lot.

I told mom this angle made him look huge, haha!

Got shoed in his fronts as usual, feet are looking pretty nice!

While they were working out there with Spirit, I was inside the barn, giving Red an MTG bath. He has a few bald spots from shedding, maybe a bit of sweet itch so I used a lot of MTG. His face was shedding like crazy and it's looking kinda rough. :( I put the fly mask on and used the MTG there too, got it groomed out and etc and he was happy to be fly sprayed and taken care of.
Nap time.

Went to the gate to say hello to Bay-Bay, of course, Red came along.

He has a small mark from a hoof, probably from the new horse, but no biggy. They get along so well!

Brought him out shortly after, he fell asleep and did perfect, never moved, even when "A" turned the other horses out and the colt and filly pranced down the driveway. He has happy feet now!

Once the farrier was halfway done with his two fronts, he looked at me and said, "Is he yours?" (Wondering if he was my mom's too) and I said, "Yeah! He's my boy!" so he replied and said, "This is the kind of horse I like!" and seemed happy with how calm he was the whole time! (So was I!) I love getting compliments like that from farriers and vets, knowing that he makes their jobs a bit easier. :)
"who, me?" (Notice the moustache)

Once he was done, mom paid and chatted while I put some of the listerine mix on his tail and mane, then curried him off a bit more. So. Much. Hair.

Red posed.

I'm really happy with his weight right now. Much thinner (in a good way considering he was SO. FAT. this winter) and "A" said they've been making laps on the hill and playing now that it's warm, I think he's gained some muscle.

He's well-aware of his charm.

He needs to be groomed up something terrible, time to clip his leg hairs, ears, bridle path and muzzle/nose. I LOVE the color he is right now! He's starting to brighten up now instead of being a dull brown.

Today, mostly off of work for a few weeks!


I think he looks better! ;)

Going to ride this week, going to start going over every day/every other day to medicate Red now!

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog :):)

    I'm new to yours too and I spent a wee while looking around and got completely lost in reading! So good!

    I think a farrier is such an important party in your horse's welfare so good on you for making the decision to change, even though it can be tough if they're your trainer and are really good at it. I love the horse selfie, horse selfies FTW! :)