Soo thankful for calm horses!

New farrier came out today!! We had to go out around 7:30 to catch the horses in pouring rain, fun fun fun. Of course they were in the back pasture, so mom and I went out there. Red came to me and even Spirit was easy to catch, then the herd started acting like crazies and starting galloping around and being brats. At one point, we were in the trail area and Annabelle started trying to kick Red and I was in the middle, so I took his lead off and ran back towards the pasture. As soon as I was out of the way, he kicked Annabelle and they all took off up the hill. Red barely touched her but she understood that when Red is willing to kick, he's pretty peeved, haha! Told Red to stay and he actually stood there and walked back to me like "Kay, I'm done!" and we walked to the barn. Got them stalled early so we went back to the house, got warmer clothes on and went back. Farrier got there, we'll call her N, and we got down to business. (To defeat the huns...)

Red and I were not amused by the herds shenanigans.
Happy to say hello even in the rain.

Started with Spirit, he was antsy and wanted to leave the barn. She looked at his feet and wasn't sure that she would even have anything to trim, so she went back to her car and got a noveal headstall, similar to a bosal, and put it on. Instead of sedating, twitching and etc, she uses the headstall as a more humane resort. Within minutes, Spirit calmed down. Definitely gonna be buying one! He really took to it and it didn't hurt him, but let him know that we had control over his head and therefor, he gave us control to everything else. They messed with him for awhile and did some work on ground-manners. No work on feet other than just getting him use to her and picking them, etc.

Got Red out and she thought his hooves looked great and didn't need anything done, as did we. I think we've been trimming them way too often and causing more harm than good. We never take off that much at all and their hooves always look fine up until about 9'ish weeks, so we were happy to have someone come that drove a long ways but was fine with less money as long as the horse was happy and sound. She got a feel for Red and of course, he was happy to give kisses, haha. Much different from Spirit in the beginning, lol!

Then we went home and got the mini's done! Cowboy did okay, definitely needed a trim. He tried to kick a couple times but it was fairly easy, Halfpint had his first trim and he did good as expected! Really like the new farrier! 

Riding this week sometime!

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