So, today I finally decided to bite the bullet and order some much needed stuff for the Redman. Spring is coming and the grass is getting green...ugh. I hate Winter but I hate worrying about founder and sweet itch. I ended up deciding to get a muzzle for him to lower his grass intake without having to have him stalled a ton like we had to last Spring, and I got a new pair of splint boots in dark green to match his new stuff. Apparently, red is out and no longer our color and green/maroon is in. I keep finding cheap green/maroon stuff that I can't pass by and built up pad's are expensive, so I'm settling with my one built up pad even if it isn't our color of choice. :/

He does look good in green, though.

 Also, closed on the property yesterday!! It's officially ours and we are gonna start fencing this week, have to wait about 3 weeks until we start building a run in stall (temporary) in the first pasture that they'll be in because of rezoning. Took a walk around it yesterday and decided on where they would go first and what the game-plan is. Hopefully they'll be home by this Fall or sooner if all goes well.

The view in the front out the car window.
 There is definitely more than 20 acres, probably more like 26, we're thinking.

Also went by the barn to drop off a new girth since my old one didn't fit with the built-up pad and I was borrowing one from A's husband. Groomed the Redman out and said hello. I've taken him off treats indefinitely because he started getting kind of nippy and he's been perfect since I did that. He never actually tried to bite but he was getting rougher if he got a whiff of anything yummy smelling. ;)


 He's also officially started to shed and I was covered in brown hairs when I left. :/ Gotta go make him some fly spray now and get him started back on his sweet itch meds!

Farrier comes out early tomorrow morning, hopefully not in the rain so that will be an all-morning affair. Riding on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday depending on weather. This weekend is going to be rainy... :(
Selfies with a Quarter horse who has a big head is not easy.

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