Working 'til the cows come home.

Well, not cows, but horses are close enough, right?

We've been working on the property pretty hard for the past 3 days, the main job right now is clearing off the fences that are actually still up and in pretty good shape. It's barbless wire which is what we like, so while it isn't as nice as  horse fencing, it's safe enough and it'll keep them in. (Well, hopefully..Spirit does have a bad rap for jumping fences) Some limbs have fallen on some parts so we'll have to repair the occasional strand, and bushes have taken over, but it's fixable.

I don't want to bombard everyone with posts about what we're working on and etc since it's not technically horse related, but I do want to post some about it so we can keep track and I can actually show it off and give y'all a good idea of where the horse's will be at and how we're doing things.

First off, we're fixing up the bottom pasture, it's about 5 to 6 acres, but some of it is pure woods and we need to clear a ton of that off. We'll probably fence in a little bit of the woodland so they can get in the shade in the hotter months, but not all of it until we get a ton cleared off. The picture above shows the beginning of the woods on the side.

The picture above is sideways but that's the only way I could get the majority to fit. That was taken from the bottom, near the road, towards the tree line and gate that heads towards the driveway, where the barn will be at once we actually, ya know, build one.

We're going to build a small run-in stall for the horses in the bottom pasture at first, so they can have safety and a place to be locked up in if necessary (we'll probably have two stalls) but we don't have to wait a longer amount of time that we would have to wait if we were going to build the big barn first.


This is was taken from the top of the hill, towards the road. The fence is covered in bushes, but you can see where we've made a slight dent on the left side. We'll probably put a gate in the open area, or just fence it in through there. Not quite sure.

I also saw a random horse today...our neighbors used to have two grey's, not sure on the breed but by seeing the one up close today, it looked like it had Arab in it. It didn't seem to be in a fenced in area but when we drove by, it was clearly fenced in. Hmmm.....

Also, I got to climb through thorns in the property for awhile last Saturday. It's very obvious-I'm not that keen on getting my picture taken unless a horse is involved.


  1. Your new place looks gorgeous! It will be fun to see how your projects develops over time and the finished product. I'm looking forward to reading more about it.