Shedding Season!

Yay, it's Spring!! I've been excited ever since DST. Some of y'all have mixed feelings about it, which is understandable, but when you only get to ride once a week if you're lucky because it gets too dark too early, it's pretty awesome when DST comes around. ;) Of course, our weather has been absoloutly horrible for the last few days and we're calling for snow sometime next week...ugh. Oh well.

Red is officially shedding, there isn't much to go since he didn't grow much of a winter coat, but I was pretty much covered in horse hair after my short visit yesterday. :/ It's officially the time of year full of MTG and Sweet Itch meds. :P I coated him with MTG and I'm already seeing some hair loss because of the flies. No fun!

Before the groom. He was disgusting.

He's already starting to lose his stripe and snip and his face was covered in stray white hairs. :( I was hoping that since his coat was healthier this year, it would stay, but not the case!

It was dinnertime but everyone seemed sleepier than usual. Apparently they had all been playing hard in the pasture beforehand.
Always gets dirt on his stinkin' eye.

I managed to wake up earlier that day with an absoloutly horrible cold and I didn't feel like going anywhere, even the barn, but I had promised "A" that I would drop off a bridle for her to try so I went anyways and as usual, horses made me feel better. ;)

We measured the filly and colts cannon bones because we were concerned with Bella, a young-possibly-TWH filly and her height. She wasn't growing as fast and "A" wanted a horse that she would be able to ride, not a pony. ;) We measured hers and it was estimating for her to grow to about 14.3, so we measured Raven and Trigger, the two colts, and they are estimating to be around 16+ hh. Raven is ginormous already, so that's not surprising. I got mom to measure Red afterwards (I can never do it correctly, rofl) because last time "A" measured him, he was at 14.3/15hh and that was so not right. :)) Once I mounted Spirit the other day (he's 14.3) I knew that Red was way bigger. Sure enough, he's measuring at 15.2, close to 15.3. Not ginormous but not tiny, either. We measured his cannon bones as well to see how accurate the measuring was and it said he would stick to his current size.

Always with the sweetness, this boy.

Managed to get a quick grooming session in and fed him his dinner, by the time I left, I felt horrible again. ;) Figures. I need a horse with me everywhere so I feel okay, haha!

Still no news on the property. :/ Still hoping to close at the end of this month! Farrier's coming on the 29th, yay, hoping she works out and the ponies like her. :D Maybe riding on Friday if I can squeeze it in.


  1. I'm getting ready to start Ghazal on some sweet itch stuff as well. Would you remind me what all you use on Red again?

    1. Well, he's on a lot of different stuff because products irritate him if I use them for long. :( I use MTG, Horsemans dream anti-fung-away, and SWAT. I also make a natural fly spray that helps, not sure on the exact recipe right off the back but it's the one with Avon skin-so-soft :)