I have a mule!

Okay, so not technically. But I'm like 100% sure that Red has mule in him somewhere.

Went out to ride today because this weekend is going to be an utter washout...maybe. Depends on when the rain starts tomorrow, if it doesn't start until late, may ride again tomorrow. Decided that I was far too lazy to tack up, so I took him to the round pen, lunged him for a few minutes then hopped on. The footing in the round pen wasn't quite as nice as I would like so we didn't do a huge amount of trotting because he kept tripping on one of the less even sides, but we did manage to get some trot work in. Mostly wanted to try my new spurs. He did really well with them, albeit a bit too lazy but I can work with that a lot, as opposed to him bolting because of the old ones.

We did some work on backing, didn't work out as well as I would've hoped but basically all he did was stand there and say, "nope!" but whatever. ;) Also did some sidepassing, which he hates almost as much as backing, lol!! Darn the lack of training! :P

He was a total sweetheart. Followed me around as I got the round pen ready to lunge and ride in, joined up way before I would've expected and just listened really well. "A" was out riding Tucker and so "J" and mom were at the roundpen gate, normally he wants to stay there with everyone but he was good as gold today.

We don't do enough of these rides.

Worked a little bit on my seat, I have pretty good EQ in the saddle nowadays but bareback..not so much. I hadn't really ridden bareback in awhile so my legs felt like jelly. ;) He's comfortable bareback until he starts trotting,  then his withers hurt fairly bad, haha!

Always has one ear back to listen!

Rode for about 30+ minutes then dismounted to play around. Since we didn't work that hard while riding, I let him trot/lope in the round pen and then we joined up and played. He chased me around for a little while then decided a nap was a good idea and walked over to me where I was talking to everyone to go to sleep.

Next goal is adding muscle to his butt and topline. He's getting a little flabby in those areas. ;) But his chest is looking great, yay!!

Also, appraisal for our house/property went well and all is still going in our favor!! Hoping to have the property in our name by end of March and to have the horses at home before next Winter. :)


  1. That's great about the property! It doesn't come with fences and a barn though, right?

  2. Oh I am a terrible bareback rider as well, been pulling my saddle after riding and cooling her out bareback but I always feel like I am gonna slide off!