Ponykinz Turned Model.

So, I have two sets of wonderful, fun, amazing news today!

First off, I'm officially sponsoring a little equine shop, which you can find more details on here, Basically, I share their business around, they send me free stuff, my ponies become models and I post pictures of me using the items I buy or they send me. I'm possibly sponsoring another business as well,  but not positive.

Secondly, this is the most exciting, we are closing on the property this Thursday!! We are hoping to get enough help with fencing and building the barn so we can have the ponies home by this coming Fall. I can't even express how excited I am, this will allow me to do so, so much more and Red will be in a lot better shape once I can work him every day. I'm also really excited to start Spirit over some jumps and just play around with him. I've literally cried like five times since I found out earlier today. No more boarding!

Anyways, this is basically just a recap post. Farrier is coming out this Saturday at 9AM, yikes, so we'll be there bright and early to catch them and get them ready. Probably riding on Saturday or Sunday. Yay!


  1. Wooh! Congratulations on all the good news.

  2. Oh I love good news and you got it in abundance today :)

  3. I'm so excited for you Kalin! That's wonderful news! =)

  4. oh my goodness, so jealous... I want a farm :'(