Facebook Official.

I finally bit the bullet and made a Facebook page for the blog! Actually, I made it back in February but I never really messed with it sooo......this is the grand opening, lol. Also, She Moved to Texas is hosting a really fun contest! Go check it out and vote for your favorite blog! And, if you like mine and love my fat, red horse (because come on, everyone does) you can vote for us. ;)

In actual news, Halfpint is doing really well and isn't as wild or terrified as he was before. He's actually coming up to us when we call and follows us around, he's leading a lot better and his lice seems to be improving. We're having a farrier our ASAP to get his hooves taken care of so we'll see how he does considering he's only been worked with on stuff like that since Saturday. :/ I went out to take some better photos of him and he seemed a little scared of the big camera, but he settled down easily enough and kept following me around. He has more dwarf traits than we had hoped for but oh well!



Now, go leave my blog and vote for us, haha!