Well....I've been sort of lazy on the blogging front. ;) Nothing much is happening, haven't been to the barn at all this week because of family drama, foster care issues and meetings. Plus I managed to catch a cold, the babies were sick, David-my adopted little brother-as usual, got a cold and puked nonstop because of his sensitivity to stuff. Planning on riding this Sunday, also my mom's birthday...her request? Get away from loud noises and ride, haha.

But...I guess I could say I'm working on some English things. ;) Because jumping is mostly English, right?

And yes, I do have a life outside of horses.....kind of. ;) It typically consists of the farm and the occasional friend. At the moment, farm-dog Molly is doing some agility. Second day and she's jumping really well, she'll do it off the leash, too, but her boston terrier friend was running and barking at her inside the fence (we were outside) and I wanted to make sure she wouldn't run off, haha. Free dogs, for the win. (Yay craigslist!)
Ms. 80 something pounds thinks she's a lapdog.


Also, closing on the 20 acres possibly on Monday!! Have to get water put in and fence in a place for the ponies but it's looking good!!!! Yay...possibly no more boarding and I get to see them every day!!


  1. Sounds like all good news!! Well except the colds and puking part that sucks. Hope the closing on the acreage goes well and you get a ride in soon, I hate when I cant ride for a while

  2. I like Craigslist too! I bought Chester off there. =) I actually had someone laugh in my face because they thought it was funny I bought a horse of Craigslist. =(