Beating the Barn.

I managed to get two rides in this week!! I know to most of y'all, that doesn't sound overly awesome, but I've been stuck riding like once every two weeks because of weather so I'm very excited. ;) Yesterday's ride was good, worked on the barn sour thing again like we did on Thursday. Red was a little bit lazier but I blame it on the fact that I lost one of my spurs so I went spur'less. :P Overall, they were good and listened well!

Got there around 1 and had to walk way back to the ten acres (the very back pasture...very long walk, lol) and thankfully Red was easy to catch, had to do some circles to get him away from the green grass but he did well. Spirit was a little harder as always but not bad. Halfway back to the barn, the whole herd took off galloping to the barn and I had to literally run out of the way, waved my hands around like a crazy person to scare them off and thanked the Lord for a calm horse. Red took a step towards them and wanted to go but the second I said "Stand!" he stopped. Woot! Yay for groundmanners. Stoney decided to run up to me, stopped about 5 feet away, stared for like ten minutes (I'm not even joking.) and then left. Weirdo.

Got back, tacked up and Red was being stubborn and didn't want to leave. Showed him the crop and he was like "Oh I'm magically healed" and went along. "A" had a chiro out for Tucker so we had to leave calmly or else Tucker would flip.

Walked the horses to the opening, made them stand and mounted WAY quicker than yesterday. Seems like Red is getting the hang of things. They both moved off well, gave a huge truck at the fruit and berry patch a stink eye but got over it quickly. Red just wanted to play with the sheep.
Lover boy. He has no enemies.

Went the opposite direction than normal so they were confused for a second but went along anyways. On Thursday we did a lot of trotting and loping so today we kept it slow. Trotted for a couple of beats and walked the majority of the way after that.

Went by the pond, took some pictures because pretty.
He was trotting down the hill and slowing to a walk, for some reason I was still posting. (And he didn't want to stop...)
Would've been such a good picture if he was looking towards the camera :(

 That's where we jump the logs. Fun to ride around in the pond and jump sometimes!

Took them towards the barn, made them slow down, once they were walking again, we turned around and went the other way (away from the barn) and they listened really well. Rest of the ride went like that other than a couple stubborn moments, mostly because of a Red who apparently misses his spurs.
Yes, he's sleeping on the job.


Went back to the opening, dismounted earlier than Thursday, loosened cinches and let the horses hang while we took a little walk around the farm.

So cute.

Went back to the barn, did some carrot stretches, picked hooves again, sweat scraped, turned out and gave them treats in the pasture. Round 2 of barn sour training is a success!

I love his gentle eyes.

Redman says "who needs stalls...I get the whole barn!"

Riding schedule depends completely on the weird weather we're having at the moment. Hopefully another ride on Saturday/Sunday and maybe Thursday. Today is a cleaning/shopping day. Woot.


  1. Why aren't you using the bitless? I have been waiting to hear how Redman likes it!!!

    1. I was going to lunge him with it on yesterday but the chiro was using the roundpen. :P Hopefully this weekend!