Goodbye Quarter Horse, Hello Thoroughbred.

Looking back, I should've expected the horses to be cray-cray for our ride yesterday because of the horrible wind and the storm moving in way quicker than the weatherman said...plus, I was trying new spurs out after I lost my slip ons and while Red acted AMAZING with them (more on that) they do have more of a bump to them and he was way more responsive to them, so I'll have to get used to that. But yeah, my Quarter Horse turned into somewhat of a Thoroughbred yesterday. Very controllable though, and I was amazed at how quickly he walked out of the barn (normally I have to get a crop out and force him out before a ride) and when I was tacking up, he literally shoved his head in the bridle like he used to before he decided to be the most barn sour horse in the whole wide world.
"who ME? I'm just very tired and sleepy!"
There's a reason that one of his nicknames is Eeyore.
 So, we got them all ready to ride and took them to a different mounting place, even further from the barn. Red was stubborn when going down that hill to the fruit & berry patch but went willingly when he saw that mom had a crop. ;) Mounted pretty quickly because they actually stood, went the opposite direction that we normally go. Red and I's conversation went something like this:

Me: No, you need to walk.
Me: No.
Me:  No, Red, that was a bag that we pass every time we ride here.
Red: But it's windy and it's SCARY THIS TIME.
Me: Be good or I'll get the crop.
Red: Oh, crop? I'll be lazy don't worry.

Spirit had a bit of a "oh shoot I'm gonna die" at the plastic bag as well, but they got over it. Both of them really wanted to run, I'm blaming it on the weather, but on the brightside, Red was really responsive to the spurs and was working on leg pressure a lot better. I'm thinking that these will help me with backing and side-passing since he refuses to do those things. ;)

"A" "AM" and one of A's friend's were also riding in the fruit & berry patch but a different area, so we ended up passing them once and Red was like "Oooh mares! I must show off!" but actually settled down really well after I let him trot it out. We loped once and trotted a few times, if it hadn't started raining, I would've taken him to the 4 acres and just let him loose but oh well.
Mane mane mane mane mane.

Hello sweet eyes!
 We had to wrap it up quick because it was mom's birthday (yay!) and she had to paint the house for the appraisal before we close on the property. Such wonderful festivities for the occasion, haha! We made another lap around and went ahead towards the barn, circled the horse's a few times without any issue even when we were literally almost right at the barn, tricked them into walking away and then went back, stopped, stood for a few minutes and dismounted, loosened cinches, walked slowly back home without any barn sour stuff. Woot!!

Untacked, put Redman in his stall and gave him a treat. He smiled as soon as he saw the camera. Lol!

Sorry for quality but he always shakes his head so it's hard to get a good picture. :))

 On another note, Spirit has actually become a really good horse and while he has his baby moments (he is only 8) he is actually getting way more mature and trusting, woohoo!!

We also are having a new farrier out, a woman this time, because we feel like Spirit is a bit scared of men and he keeps getting worse for the farrier as opposed to better. Oh well!


  1. This is why I am glad I have a Thoroughbred lol My AQHA gelding was always such a creep when the weather changed and the first ride in the spring? ugh forget about calm and relaxing because he was always a nightmare. I leave my TBs for months at a time and they are like "oh okay... time to work I guess. I don't want to, so in protest, I will be super lazy! That will teach you a lesson!"
    But I am super jealous you actually get saddle time. We've got windchill advisories again... I don't think we will ever get spring...

  2. HBD to your mom!

    Love that you are pushing his ears forward!