HELP MEEEE (Seriously please comment..)

Okay guys, I managed to win an amazing giveaway on The Bitless Bridle by Dr. Robert Cook! Well, I have to decide which bridle I want...really hard decision. I can pick any of them on the page, but these are the 3 I'm caught in between....

 photo RovyLeather.jpg
This comes in brown, which would be what I need because all of my tack is brown. It's English style but I don't think it would look horrible with my western tack either.

 photo deluxewesternbrownblazeBling.jpg
Here's option number 2. A simple, slightly blinged out western bridle. Comes in brown, black or havana. I'd pick this color.

 photo blackwesternonpaint.jpg
Here is the simpler western bridle, also comes in brown, havana and black.

Now...here's Red's head...I can't decide which would look best and I need opinions!
This is him in his current bridle.



  1. I'd go for the second one. :-)

  2. Personally I like the first one but not in black :)

  3. I think number 3 looks the most versatile between English and Western. I mean honestly, it isn't like you show so who cares if it looks too "Englishy" or too "Westerny" if you like the BLING go with number 2, if you like the simple then go the other way.

  4. I think it depends on weather your looking for something that looks more "western" or more "english." I personally like the first one, but the second one is a nice-looking western-type bridle.

  5. I'd defiantly do the second one! ummm... I might go buy that one:-) I need something to start my filly in.

  6. I think number 2 would look nice on him.

  7. I would go with #2. You don't want to show so it doesn't matter if it looks english or western and #2 is definitely the most fun and just seems like it would suit the two of you.

  8. Thanks for the opinions, everyone!