I love Dumor!

Okay, so, it's official. I love Dumor products. A lot. I've never been disappointed with their products, but I was still a bit nervous when I switched Red from just the glucosomine to Dumor Joint. I was/is going to put him on Next Level but Dumor was cheaper and I just spent a ton on his blanket and we are giving "A" a little extra because she's buying extra hay (also more expensive hay!) so my spending money is mostly...well, not there. ;) I texted "A" about it and she was happy about my choice so I was crossing my fingers. We had run out of glucosomine a couple days beforehand and Red was already a little stiff again, so he was on the Dumor that next day and after the first day, he was SO much better than he was even on the glucosomine. So, yesterday we took my brother's girlfriend Jessi and my oldest brother Chris to the barn to ride, I called for Red and Spirit, of course they were together (They seriously bonded during that parade...) and Red came running to me, not creaky or stiff at all. He moved off easily and even walked on the concrete without batting an eyelash, not as barn sour and when he did act up, HE MOVED OFF after some prodding. Before, he didn't move off. At all. Like, he just stopped.

So yeah, I love Dumor.

On another note, my ride was fabulous. We took Spirit and Red out to the four acre pasture and just took turns for the most part. Mom and I took the horses for a run around the pasture before they got on because they were acting quite excited to go. With them, once you get a little run in, they have most of it out of their system. I knew Red wouldn't act up with Jessi or Chris (he senses beginners, I swear.) but we were worried about Spirit. Loped them along the fenceline (PS: Red won the race...just sayin) and mom let Chris on Spirit while Jessi and I doubled on Red.

First time Chris had been on a horse for a real ride since he was about 16 or 17 and he's almost 30 now. He used to ride a ton when mom had her old horse Cash a long time ago. But here's the thing, Cash had one speed- walk. He HATED to run, he'd buck you off if you tried to get him going. But, he was safe with younger kids and that's what mom needed. After the divorce, Chris seemed to think he could handle any horse so he and his buddies would get on and bronc ride. So, he was positive he could ride the mustang at the barn...and he promptly got bucked off. I think he breathed a sigh of relief when Spirit ended up doing mostly okay....other than when he bolted and started rearing. ;) Jessi used to ride at camp, last time she rode was on Red bareback a couple months ago, so mom and I were praying for well behaved horses. ;)

Me and Jessi took a couple laps and then Chris rode Red, I rode Spirit and mom and Jessi were on the sidelines. It felt bizarre to ride Spirit, haha! He almost has a racking horse feel because of how he moves and holds his head, very different from the slow, calm Red. He's short, 14.1, and super lean compared to Red's 15.1'ish, muscular/fat figure. ;) I enjoyed it but I was happy to get back on Red afterwards.

All in all everything went well, Spirit got spooked by the dog and took off with Chris, reared up a little with him but Chris stayed on, lol.
Riding solo!

Jessi rode Red solo for awhile, Red refused to leave me so we had to go all lesson horse and he of course followed my lead happily....I swear, every time I knew person rides him he reverts right back to "lesson horse". He had a few moments where I had to grab his reins and push him back to going forward because he wanted to turn back to the barn but he did really well. Not nearly as lazy as he's been on the last few rides. (THANK YOUUU Dumor...)

Ignore the stirrups...he's about 5'11...I'm 5 foot. :))) But I LOVE this picture of Red.
Chris got on Red after he was done with Spirit....he claimed that he doesn't like pony sized horses because they want to hurt him. ;) (Jericho the Mustang who went bronco horse on him is 13.3 but really stout) And of course, Red took it easy on him, but Chris didn't really know how to handle his stubbornness. I feel like in my mind, I've kind of just said that Red is an easy horse for everyone to ride but Chris struggled a little at first. Either Red just prefers me over Chris, or I'm just used to his stuff and I can ride it out better.....

Red was pooping.....it landed on mom's shoe....

Ignore my feet...mom is 5'8....as I said.....I'm 5 foot, LOL.

And here's a photo of a tiny me climbing on Spirit.....

I was actually just fixing my reins but it looks hilarious.
Mom and I (and Bruce!)

Red looks so fat.....and short....

Once everyone else was done, I got back on Red and took him for a gallop....I took a video but before I post it, I'd like to ask that no one judge my  EQ. :)) Here's the thing (and I'm saying this because of a rude comment on Instagram after I posted it.) my horse is amazing, he LOOKS amazing.....but trust me he is NOT smooth. No one can really grasp how rough he is until you sit on his back and take him for a run. Professionals have gotten on him and had to clutch the back of their saddles and almost fall, my mom who has been on her fair share of insane horses, can ride like nobody's business, can barely sit Red's lope and gallop. I'm improving with it, slowly, and honestly it doesn't even effect me...I don't think it feels awful or weird, I honestly feel like a normal canter is weird because I'm so used to Red. It's fun to me. But, I look bad. I don't show, if I did, I'd fix it more. I ride because I love it, I gallop because it's fun...not for good EQ (Even though I'd kill for pretty EQ...) My one elbow flaps....that's the thing I'm working on at the moment. I can see all of my flaws and I notice them, I'm working to fix them slowly.

Ignore the music (or enjoy it....?) people were talking and goats were bah'ing like crazy in the video so I just assumed, cut it all out. :))

Screenshot...but notice the dirt he kicked up.

Really wish these weren't screenshots. ;) LOL

Coming back.
After we ran.

Once we were done it was dinnertime for the ponies. Took some pictures and re-checked Red's eye that he managed to scratch.....when I was grooming I notice him holding it funny, he had scratched the eyelid (before the ride) but after we rode he seemed to hold it open better. I think he probably scratched it on a piece of hay from the round bale or something.
 Hanging out.

Notice his one eye. He was about to go to sleep though so both of them look weird. :))



Good ride on actually well-behaved ponies. :)


  1. glad you had a good ride...Its hard for me to watch that video though, I cringe whenever I see people galloping around with no helmet. I know this comment will probably get deleted...but hey, I have to try and encourage rider safety.

    1. Don't worry, it's your opinion and I would never delete it or be offended. :)) I choose not to wear a helmet for my own reasons and I fully expected a comment when I posted this. :) I appreciate the concern! If you believe in something, I'd hope you'd be passionate enough about it to share why!