So I ended up picking option #3. (see previous post if you're confused, lol!) It was my mom's favorite but not mine...until I saw it in brown and I kinda fell in love...then I saw the browband that they sell for it and I saw all of the cute conchos people used because the conchos are changeable and I was sold. I like it because it'll be different from my other bridles, both of my other ones are blingy and SUPER western.....I kind of wanted something that could go both ways and was simpler, it'll be nice to have different looks when I want to switch it up. I'm looking for a good place to find a browband (cheap, not super expensive. Won't pay over $30 for one) for the bridle and maybe some conchos for later. Anyone know of a good place? (I'd love to find a V shape but that's not a necessity) 

Western Leather Browband - Red Crystals
This photo is awful....but this is one of their browbands that I like. :)

And if you didn't see it before, this is the bridle (actually in brown this time, which will be the color I order)

(posted on their facebook wall)

I'm excited! Yay!


  1. Cool! It looks better in brown, actually.

  2. I'm really excited for you! I think it'll look great on Red!

    That horse looks a little like Missy lol

    1. Thanks! I'm very happy after reading all the reviews, I think he'll do good with it. :)

      That was literally my first thought when I saw it, lol!

  3. Cool! Love the red brow band, too!

  4. You would have to ship it in from I believe Ireland but these are really cool: