Despite my bugging EVERYONE with a car, including my mother who swore that she'd drive me,  I didn't make it to the barn yesterday.


Life is too busy for me, curveballs are thrown 24/7. So, I'll explain just what's going on without getting too personal for y'all...after all. Horse blog.

My brother is/was a drug addict. He has been one for 11+ years, as is my birth-father, it's been an on-going soap opera around here, well, he finally hit rock bottom and ended up in rehab after some jailtime. Well, long story short, we have to take him to 90 meetings in 90 days, some days, it's multiple meetings. Which means my time has diminished quite a bit and I'm lucky if I get to the barn twice a week, let alone my normal 4-5 times.

Double ugh!

But this Summer it'll be much easier....as for this winter? Not so much. So, y'all will probably be seeing a lot of random stuff on here with random visits and spur of the moment rides as opposed to real training which stinks REALLY bad because we desperately need to start back on hill work and trot work. But on a good note, this has given us time to work on his mounting issues along with his barn sour'ness that he developed after he was off work for 3+ weeks in December-January. And groundwork......yup. Gotta love groundwork...which I actually do.

And since I have NOTHING real to post about...here's another questionnaire stolen from Viva Carlos along with some other stuff that I've been debating on doing for awhile.

Breeches: I'm not fancy so I dunno on the breeches.....although.....I may or may not have tried on some Tailored Sportsman's at a tack shop...they were fabulous and I wanted to marry them. (my wallet disagreed and I sadly put them back on the rack.)

Footwear: Justin cowboy boots, Ariat riding boots for colder weather and Vans. Converse occasionally.

Comfort Food: Pizza, ice cream and hamburgers. Not at the same time.

Online Personality: Ummm...basically how I am in real life. I talk too much and I sometimes annoy people because I'm outspoken.
Movie: So hard.....urgh. Pretty much all superhero movies are my favorites. #wanttomarrybrucebannerbecausehehasfluffyhair

TV Show: Heartland, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D because...of course. I don't watch a lot of TV because I get bored.

Magazine: Anything that does not have photos of celebrities. (at least celebrities I don't care about...horse celebrities? Sure!)

Book: I have a ridiculous amount. The Magic of Ordinary Days, The Hiding Place, pretty much anything by anyone with the last name of Bronte. Charles Dickens is amazing, the Heartland books are kind of poorly written but I still like them. Guilty pleasure? Yup.
Vacation Destination: I'd love to go to Germany and visit some WWII sights.

City: Knoxville, of course. Nashville is pretty stinkin' stellar as well.

Place to Ride: Anywhere as long as I'm with my horse. But I'd love to ride on the beach. 
Place to Shop: Anywhere that sells tack....I pretty much hate shopping for myself. If I had a huge and filled wallet, I'd love to go spend all of my money on Modcloth.com but ya know...I don't.

Type of Restaurant: Japanese, Chinese or Italian.

Non-horsey hobby: I write a lot, occasionally sketch stuff. I blog and Instagram like nobody's biz.

Things to do with your family: Depends on what part of the family and who's coming, lol.

Things to do with  friends: Uh.....the majority of my friends ride. So, of course, riding. ;) But seriously, we typically goof off, watch movies or play the board game Taboo and laugh at how stupid our explanations are.
Memory in the saddle: Anytime with Red is good. :) After most of my rides (not counting Sunday's...) I leave saying, "best ride ever!" my most recent one was a random ride on a Thursday with mom, during the sunset. We just goofed off, loped around, raced and didn't have a time limit. It was great and we left when it was pitch black outside and cold but we were happy and so were the horses.

Part of a course to ride: Once again, not fancy. LOL.

Type of horse:If we're going by breed...stock horses are where it's at. If we're going by personality and etc...something with a good heart. I want something I can bond and connect with.



  1. The Hiding Place was an amazing and powerful book.

    And I also really enjoy Marvel's Agents of Shield.

    Hope your brother makes it through his meetings and the rehab is a success. I'm sure it is not fun to cut into your time so much but hopefully it will be worth it in the end.

    1. I typically read books in that length in a day, no more, but that took me a solid week to finish. I kept having to pause and just think on what I'd just read, very deep and powerful!

      Thank you! It's definitely a struggle but it'll be worth it, hopefully, in the end. This is the longest he's ever been clean...so far so good!

  2. I hear you about the celebrities. Unless they're horse people, I really don't care, and for the most part I read horse magazines, such as Horse Illustrated. Chinese and Italian restruants also happens to be some of my favorite kinds to eat at, as well as Mexican.

    1. I have a love/hate relationship with Mexican food. My thing is, I tend to get in a kick and eat ALL THE THINGS and then I get tired of it.

  3. Hugs and prayer for your family :) Heres to things smoothing out :)

  4. I second Karley. Thoughts to your family!