Still bored.

It's still about 9 degrees here so....obviously no horse time and I'm very bored and having withdrawals. On the brightside, Sunday is supposed to be 49 which means my butt will be in the saddle-if that happens. Red and I have a lot of work to do with that barn sour issue. I won't let him just stop in a trail or bolt me back home, he never had that issue until he had so much time off before of his stiffness issue. Oh well.

Since I have absoloutly nothing else to post about, thought I'd do another fun post. ;)

1: A time you've been scared for your life on horseback.
Honestly, at the Christmas parade. Yeah, backing into traffic...not so fun.

2: There's a huge party at your friends house or you could have a lesson on the same night, which do you go to?
If the friend is someone I don't get to see often, party, but I'd probably end up with the lesson. :)) Could I do both? ;)

3: Favorite markings a horse can have.
I LOVE stars and snips.

4: Would you rather deal with bolting, rearing or bucking?

5: Agree or disagree; To have good eq means to be a good rider?
Disagree, I could have good EQ and have absoloutly zero connection with the horse, have no clue what to do and etc and be a horrible rider.

6: If you could try any discipline on any horse for 1 day, what discipline and what horse?
I'd love to jump, hunters, jumpers, whatever. I'll keep my horse, he's shown jumping potential.

7: 3 horses you'd want to ride/meet the most?
I'd LOVE to meet Red's sire/dam, not sure on names quite yet, and he does have three brothers, so it'd be cool to meet them. On a more famous note, I'd love to meet Twice As Shiney, Spooks Gotta Gun and THE Doc Bar. :)

8: On a scale of 1-10 how good would you say your seat is?
I have no idea. :)) Probably a 4 or 5.

9: One of your goals for the next year, horse-wise.
Start bridleless training hard-core.

10: Would you rather teach lessons or train horses?
Teach lessons, as long as I get to have my horse. ;) I'd love to be able to teach people with the same passion I have, and I think teaching younger children would be a blast.

11: Have you ever given a lesson for money?

12: If you were a trainer, would you want to train little kids, pre-teens, teens or adults?
Little kids, pre-teens or teens. Probably pre-teens, they are always more energetic and happy and passionate.

13: Have you ever ridden someone's horse for money?
Nope! Being able to ride is reward enough.

14: If given the opportunity, would you exercise track horses?
Probably not. :)) Too much giddy-up and go for  me....I like my smooth and easy pleasure horse that will gun it and turn on a dime if I ask but mostly goes slow and safe. ;)

15: On a scale of 1-10 what is your confidence like in the saddle?
Probably a 7 or so, depending on the horse I'm on. I'm way more comfortable with geldings and studs for some reason, mares just rub me the wrong way. (No offense to mare lovers, we just never get along...the first mare I rode bit me, the last mare I rode got into a huge bucking fit, we clash, lol.) I'm still nervous occasionally, even with Red, but it's never bad and I just suck it up and deal.

16: 3 things you need to work on, riding-wise?
Hands, heels and my confidence in certain moments.

17: 3 things your horse needs to work on.
Laziness, stubborness and........that's about it.
for the love of horses

18. Top 3 favourite riders?
Stacy Westfall, Buck Brannaman and Lari Dee Guy.

19: Is there anyone you'd say is a bad rider ? (don't give names)
Yup! Quite a few....

20: Are you better on the flat or over fences?
Bwahahahaha, since I've only jumped a log and a little ditch for fun...flat. ;)

21: How high do you think you've jumped?
I don't know, the log was probably a foot and a half tall. The ditch was tiny but Red over-jumped it like nobody's business and I almost died.

22: How high do you think your horse would be capable of jumping?
He's shown a lot of potential and I think he could do well, he's got a good build for it and nice muscle when he's NOT so chubby...but I wouldn't guess. He did well with the log. :)))

23: Opinion on tackless riding.
Love it, wish I had time to do it more!

24: Have you ever lied or over-dramatized anything about your riding?
Probably...I've made myself out to be worse because I don't want to sound snobby.

25: Do you think you're a good rider?
I'm decent, my horse puts up with a lot of mistakes though.

26: Ever had barn drama?
Not a lot but some.

27: Favorite things about the barn you're at?
The people.

28: Will you show next year? If so in what?
Nope! If I did, I'd probably do trail class or ranch pleasure.

29: Plans for your horse over the next year?
Work on roping, barn sour issues, hill work and tackless riding. Just create an even better bond!

30: Would you share your tack with people?
Depends on who the person is and what piece of tack it is.

31: Has a horse ever shattered your confidence?
One of the mares has made me iffy of mares, but for the most part, the horses I've been around are amazing and have helped me.

32: Ever been scared to get on a horse?

33: Do you get nervous before shows?
I don't show, but knowing me, I'd be a mess. ;)

34: Hunters or Jumpers?
I don't do either, but I love watching both. They both have individual amazing qualities.

35: Last time you fell off? What happened? Were you hurt?
Lol...so embarrassing. Went to mount bareback, got one leg over, Red scooted over and boom, my back hit a stall door and my butt hit the ground.

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