Today's ride. Not so good.

Where do I start?

Well, got there, tacked up after I spent some time grooming and chilling, I had free time (WOAH what is that?) so I spent it wisely..with my pony. Red was an angel, tacked up and stood without being tied, total gentleman, hugged, smiled, perfect horse, as-almost-always. Got on, he was a tad barn sour but he got over it. Had a hard time mounting but I got on.

Then, I stood for about 35 minutes while AM lunged Tucker.

She decided to ride Annabelle, which is why I tacked up so soon...then she decided, "Nah, I'll ride Tucker." so at first I was chill with that, okay, do your thang, I'll just make Red stand, I was planning on taking things slow anyways since he had gotten into that whole "I MUST RUN WHEN YOU MOUNT!!" thing because I'd gotten him, stupidly, into being WAY too forward thinking.

Then, 40 minutes later...still there.

Alright. Fine. I can do that.

SO we took them into the fruit & berry patch, I'd rather go on our trails because the fruit and berry patch is getting tiring and old and boring..but okay. I dealt. Red was awesome, a little barn sour but better than last week, he actually trotted willingly. Nice headset today, didn't try to graze. ;) ;) Then, Tucker flipped.

I mean flipped.

Obviously not Tucker but this is what he did, LOL.
 Full out buck.

Understand that this horse-a rescue-hasn't been out of his farm in 7+ years..it was understandable. So we decided to pony him...I had to go get the halter and lead from the barn after something happened that I won't go into. Something told me that, if I did, it'd be the end of my ride because Red would be awful and sour and want to eat.

I was right.

J had to go bring the halter and lead because Red wouldn't budge halfway there, I mean, he REFUSED. Just wanted to go eat, of course. Nothing wrong. At all. But laziness. And I knew that I'd end up being mad and end on a horrible note-worse than letting him win-so I walked to the barn, untacked, got him on a lead and walked around in the barn for a solid 25 minutes and wouldn't let him stop just because he wanted hay.

I MAYBE really rode for 15 minutes. And that was while I was stressed over Tucker bucking near Red.

On a happy note....we ended the day in the barn snuggling and me feeding him a ton of treats because I got mad at him and it wasn't his fault. And..he really was good, mostly, I mean, Tucker was 10 feet away max when he went bronco and Red just looked at him like "Uh that was unnecessary friend."

Going back tomorrow, last warm day. I'll probably go in the round pen for a tackless or bridleless ride and just have fun with it, just us.
Can't stay mad at this face.

Who can hold a grudge at a horse that will stand to be tacked up, wait for 35 minutes and stand perfectly just when I hold up a hand and say "stand" come on....good boy.

 On another note I need opinions because I don't know anymore....

The vet was out a few weeks ago and said Red was the perfect weight, muscular and in awesome shape, but he WAS off of work for about 3+ weeks in the winter and I feel like he's lost so much muscle...maybe it's just his winter coat? How does he look to you guys?
Ignore how weird his coat color looks in this lighting, barn was dark, so I used flash and had to edit it on instagram. :/

Anyways...updates tomorrow, haha.


  1. To me he looks heavy in the midsection with no top line, but I am not a vet :)

  2. Red is definitely lacking some muscle but he is also pretty chubby.

  3. That stinks about your ride but glad you were able to end on a good note. I have to agree with the other commentators he looks a little heavy in the barrel and could use some more top line muscle but not bad for having three+ weeks off.

  4. Bummer about the ride!!

    I agree, he looks quite heavy (well fed? lol) and lacking muscle. Some of the older pictures that you posted of him he was a better weight but def needed muscle which will fill him out with the right work out and feed regimen :)

    1. It's funny, he's on a healthier feed that should make him gain less now, LOL. I think it's from being off work for over 3 weeks, plus we haven't had any serious work in a couple months. Oh well, back to hill work we go!

    2. Yeah 3 weeks off won't be enough to lose all his muscle but a few months def can do it :)

      I am sure that you will get him fit in no time!

  5. He has a hay belly, and muscle atrophy on the top quarters of his bum, behind his wither and his neck. Definitely will be needing a fit up :)

  6. He he I loved the "that was unnecessary friend" reaction. Love the saintly horses. And snuggling with them!