Yay plans!

I pretty much 100% gave up today when it comes to horse plans. The only warm day is tomorrow and monday, both of which are gonna be super busy. Sunday would be the winner if I had a ride...so, I made a post on facebook saying, "ugh, I miss my horse" and like that, my AMAZING bm texted me and said, "You do realize that I'll pick you up any time you need me, right?" and like that, we made plans to ride at 2. So yay! Like I said, my bm-amazing. So, riding tomorrow with "A" and "AM"....and "AM" is riding Tucker. Most of y'all don't know a bunch about Tucker so I'll give a small back-story.

Rescue horse, unknown breed, probably an appendix bred QH. Around 10 or so, went through a ton of lameness issues last year but is sound now. That horse...woah. Someone put a lot of time into him. He free lunges, joins up, but won't back off. He is a dream in the round pen, so fluid and soft. You cluck your tongue, point, and he goes wherever you point. I mean, wow. He let me, someone who hasn't even lunged a horse (at that time anyway) lunge him for a solid hour perfectly with nothing but a lunging whip, then I tossed out the whip and just pointed. Tell him to gallop and he'll run, put your hands out in a "halt" sign and he does a sliding stop. "A" just never connected with him and has been tempted to sell, but she wants to make sure he doesn't end up in a bad place. Again. "AM" has been tempted to try him out, maybe make him a dressage pony. She's ridden him once and tomorrow, they are gonna embark on a trail ride. We'll see how that goes!

Should be fun and I'm excited. ;) Also, Red is still 100% totally sound. NO stiffness, he chased and played all day in the pasture yesterday and chased the 4-wheeler for hay, ran through all of the trails to get to it. :)) Let's hope he's not as barn sour tomorrow! ;)


  1. Glad you are getting a chance to ride tomorrow!

  2. Yay for an awesome BM! Hope you have a great ride!