Today marks day three(?) with the rope. ;) I feel like I'm actually doing somewhat well with it and right now I'm getting my swing down. The whole finding a good length thing has been the hardest. Too small and you won't hook anything, too big and you'll end up being hit in the face with a rope. Once I'm roping on Red as opposed to just practicing my swing on the ground, I'll be able to have a longer loop, but that'll be about two weeks from now. I want to have my swing polished before I get on my horse and risk slapping him with my rope.

I do have good news, though! Starting this Summer, or before then, I'll be able to ride Red WAY more through the week. Which will probably jack up my 2-rides-a-week-if-I'm-lucky to about 3 or 4 rides a week, depending on weather and etc. Which means me and my pony will be hitting our training hard, but most importantly, we'll both be a better team. More hard work=more accomplishments. I'm still working on a schedule but I'd say we'll have one, more fun and laidback ride, and two training, roping focused rides. Then the weekend, of course, when everyone at the barn takes "annual" trail rides and we goof off. Goofing is fun.

Gonna go out and trim the beasts today before the parade. Red has a mohawk because I'm terrible at keeping bridle paths trimmed and his whiskers/fetlocks need trimmed bad. He's starting to look like a mammoth pony. I hate the long, fuzzy hair because it makes him look smaller and it hides all of his muscle and I worked hard on that muscle, I don't want it to be hidden. :/ I would clip but I'm really pro-fuzz and I don't show, maybe if when I start rodeo'ing I'll clip him before the nicer rodeos but I dunno. We shall see.

Got my English pad ordered, it'll be here by Christmas which is good because my mom was the one who bought it as an early Christmas gift. I'm really excited. I got a burgundy pad with a white monogram. Woot!!

Anyways, I'm basically just rambling now so here's a photo of my pony bowing like a fancy trick pony.

If he'd put that knee down, we'd be cool. (This is after bribery and a lot of treats..)

And because I'm a fail, here's a photo from our ride last Saturday.
Redhead was a good pony but lazy.

He decided to jump, yes, jump, a little ditch on the trails that day and scared me half to death. Thanks, Red! He wants to be a jumper butttttt mama wants to be a roper so he'll have to deal! Maybe we'll start jumping later. Who knows


  1. Red's trick looks cool! It's cool that you are learning how to rope.

    1. Thanks and thanks! :) I've got a good roping horse, so I figured, why not try? Lol!!

  2. Good for you for perfecting your swing before trying it mounted. I can't tell you how many times I've roped my own horse and/or myself from the saddle. :P

    1. Lol!! That made me laugh!! Yeah, as sweet, forgiving and bomb-proof as my horse is, I don't think I want to chance smacking him in the face with my rope, or myself, lol! The other day, I was swinging and managed to hit myself right in my sunglasses and I have a bruise on my eyebrow, I'd prefer to keep the rope safe and secure about a foot away from me!

  3. I've been trying roping too lately! :) It's a lot of fun! I just need to get Flicka used to the rope. And cows... She's deathly afraid of cows. But now, my brother is showing cattle so we've got a couple at home that she can get used to. Red's trick is adorable!! He's such a cutie! :)