Catcher Upper

I completely forgot to do day 3 of the 5 day challenge from Tracy's blog Fly On Over, so today I'll be doing day 3 and 4. I love love love the questions on both days so I'm totally cool with doing both today...

11. Critique your horse’s conformation

Okay. I'm NOT good at confo but I'll try my best.
Horrible picture but haters gonna hate.

Shoulder is straighter than I'd like, resulting in a rougher trot, but it has good depth to it so he has good reach, awesome bone, a little long in the loin, long underline, head is a little coarse and he has a touch of a roman nose, nice neck, real low tie in, lighter hip, he could use a bit more hamstring, nice long well curved gaskin, and good all around hock set, so good for a work horse, roping, ranch pleasure and maybe dressage. Should be able to jump as well if I ever desire to.

12. Horse’s favorite riding exercise

He loves loves loves trotting up hills. ;)) Which is good, because I like it a lot, too. He knows where we do hill work and is constantly eager to go running. I don't even have to nudge him to get him going.

13. Favorite spa day products

Shoot, I don't even know. I just buy whatever is a good price and won't hurt Redman's sensitive skin. Right now I'm using a shampoo for Bay's from Chicks Saddlery, don't know the exact brand!

14. Three best things about your horse

  1. He's bomb-proof. Just the other day-on a ride I've failed to blog about..-we passed by quite a few very scary things. HEAVY machinery, loud noises, dogs, cats, a big dog with 3 legs ran out in front of us, cars, random people, kids yelling, babies screaming, he never even looked at them. Kept one ear back and one ear forward like he always does when he's listening to me and keeping an eye out where he's going.
  2. He's versatile and knows his jobs. A beginner or kid could climb all over him, he won't move, he'll listen but won't go fast, knows his limits. He stands with the kid, and even though I wouldn't, I know without a doubt that I could walk away with a baby on his back and not worry about the child. When I get on him, he knows I like him to go a bit faster, but he also knows when I want a slow ride. He'll ride English/Western, jump over some little logs, run a barrel pattern-not well but he'll do it, no questions asked!-go in scary trails, rope, do ranch pleasure stuff, whatever I throw at him.
  3. He loves me. I know some people just think horse's are incapable of loving like, say a dog, would. But I know without a doubt that he loves me back. And I know if y'all could come to my barn with me and see's how my puppy dog/horse acts, you would say the same.

15. Favorite picture of your horse

I don't know if it's my absolute favorite, after all I have about 1,000 photos of him which I all like, no joke, but this one is super pretty.


Now, day 4.

16. One thing you’d like to change about your horse

Red has about 3 habits that I can't stand, but my least favorite is when I tack up in the barn and get him to leave, he is always SO stubborn and it takes me forever to get him out. Once he's out, he's good as gold and let's me do whatever.

17. Your horse’s future 

Hopefully, his future and my own will always be intertwined. I want to see us together, breakaway roping and winning buckles/money best we can. I'd love to do some dressage shows in the future, but roping is my #1.

Breakaway. I'll be here...soon.
I plan on roping like a girl, let's see if the guys can keep up. ;)

18. Your worst show ever

I don't show, but I've had a lot of bad rides. My worst ride was probably when I was in a bad mood, felt horrible, and Red was an angel. I felt horrible because I didn't treat him how I should've. It wasn't a bad ride, I never fell, got hurt, Red never refused anything. Just was an off day.

19. Favorite horse show venue

I'm a rodeo geek.
440 ranch out in Aubrey, Texas. Oh, I'd love to rope here. Love the footing, nice ground, huge arena. Beautiful!

20. Your show day routine

Don't have one of those quite yet. My riding routine is this: Groom, pick hooves, stretch Red's legs out, tack up, stretch legs after I do the girth to prevent pinching, hop on, go ride. ;)

Also, got my rope in today, as well as my AMAZING $4 riding gloves. Got them on sale, love them. Grippers on one side, soft black fleece inside, great roping gloves and they'll keep my fingers nice and warm for the winter riding days. Rope is super soft and long, perfect for breakaway. Started practicing today, on the ground obviously. My goal is to be practicing on Red by next month. Hopefully after two months, I'll be roping after the 4-wheeler while my step-dad drives since he's a very willing participant to go fast on the 4-wheeler and help me out.

Off to go coil my rope. I'm having fun.