I'm gonna go squeal now.

Red's breeder emailed me back about 5 hours ago. I just saw it, squealed out loud, read it, squealed some more.

He said that if he's correct and he has the right horse-he is a breeder and has had a few bay Quarter colts!-and he thinks he does, Red has 4 full brothers, all Bay's. All of them rope and rodeo, they do great and are excellent horses. I managed to do some sleuthing and found some horses on a facebook page and I believe they could be his brothers because they look JUST like him...
Here's a Bay that I believe belongs to them, in a photoshoot I found online just by researching their last name and the word "horse" pretty cool. ;) Looks a lot like Redman, same build, same huge feet, same face....

Literally looks JUST like Red when he runs......another one of their Bays.

Here's what I believe is there website... http://www.hamannperformancehorses.zoomshare.com/3.shtml I'm not for sure but I'm gonna guess that's them. If so, they have some insanely awesome bloodlines and EXPENSIVE pricetags on their expensive ponies.

He said he sold Red when he was around 3, which makes sense because my aunt bought him around 6 or so years ago. I'll post more as I get more info.....hopefully tonight!


  1. Awesome, finding background on horses is so much fun!

  2. Replies
    1. :) I'm sure I will, Steve sounds like a really nice guy and promised me more info....hopefully he's true to his word!

  3. So exciting! I hope one day I can track down Miles' breeder!

    1. All I did was ask the AQHA about his registered name and past owners. If you have Miles' registered name, send them a facebook message. They always get right back to me, the longest I've had to wait is a couple hours! Totally worth it!