I managed to squeeze in a barn visit today in the midst of parties, church and family time with people from Florida to pay Red's board and see him for myself.

I walked in. He was just walking around and eating, which was a great sign because the day before he just REFUSED to move because it hurt his legs. I called for him and let him know I was there and what does he do? Nicker and trot over to me as fast as he possibly could. My sister in law, Katrina, was with me along with my mom, "A" and "J". A said he was the first one at the barn and the other day? He barely even could move and didn't even want in the barn. I walked him first and didn't have to push him to move at all, very willing which was a far cry from just yesterday when we had to force it, I got him to follow me without me leading him so I could take a look and he's not stiff at all. Woohoo!!!!!

I'm 99.9% it's road founder. He trotted on the hard surface for so long and was stressed, I'm sure his legs were just stiff anyways from the cold and stress. He was tense the whole night, and I know that it could take awhile for the stiffness to really set in. Just like some show horses go a bit lame a few days after the show.

Katrina decided to hop on for a photo, she hadn't been near horses since she was about 10, and doesn't know a whole lot about them. She seemed shocked that she was going to ride bareback, let alone I was going to let her on without a bit or bridle. :)) Red just had a halter on, so we stuck with that. :)) Sure enough, he never moved and walked slow when she asked him to in the barn. Such a good boy, I swear I love him more every time I see him. She got photos but I don't have them yet. :))

Happy go-lucky again!! I love those ears!

Depending on weather, I'll be out to ride ASAP. Hopefully mid-week and on the weekend.